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**Adrian's POV**

I was laying down in bed thinking about Kylie when I saw that she was awake. I saw her yawn, check the clock, and run her fingers through her hair, she looked beautiful. I knew we had to talk, so I texted her. I couldn't help but flirt with her even though I knew she wouldn't appreciate it.

The whole drive to the diner was silent. I knew she was mad; she had a lot of reasons to be mad.

I kept repeating all the things I was going to say to her in my head. I wasn't good at expressing my feelings; I never really had to before. Just thinking about what she was going to say was making me nervous. Nervousness, another feeling that I haven't felt in a while.

The last time I remember feeling anything else but anger was when my parents died. I felt thousands of emotions then, but eventually I learned to shut them off. Except anger of course, it was what motivates me.

But there I was with Kylie about to tell her that I actually cared about her and that I was sorry for everything.

After I told her everything she just looked at me, and I continued. I told her if I could take back ever meeting her so that I didn't put her in danger I would. When she told me that she wouldn't take it back I was honestly surprised, and happy that she cared that much.

But when she wanted to know more that happiness faded away. She wanted to know more about me and my brothers. She knew that we wanted revenge on our parent's killers and she knew we joined the gang in order to do that, and that was the main thing to know. But she knew that I was hiding something, to be honest I was hiding a lot of things.

Things that I never want to have to tell her. Things that no one as amazing as her should have to know. Things that wouldn't be safe to know.

There were reasons for everything that happened to us. It could be simple straightforward reasons, but these reasons were far from simple and straightforward

When Kylie walked out of the diner I chased after her.

I was angry now. Angry for everything that happened to me, angry that I had to keep things from Kylie, angry for putting Kylie in anger, and angry for not being able to be with Kylie.

When I saw the tears falling down her cheek, all the anger faded into sadness and hurt.

Knowing that I caused those tears because I hurt her killed me inside.

Kissing Kylie had to be the most amazing feeling in the world. Never have I ever felt this way while kissing a girl, and I've kissed a lot of girls.

Kissing her made me feel like I actually had a chance at a normal life. That there was more to me then some dangerous bad boy. In that moment I felt so many emotions, and one that I couldn't identify, one emotion that I wasn't used to.

But when Kylie pulled her lips from mine all those feelings crashed into a million pieces, and I was back to being the bad boy on the run for the rest of his life. I forgot about the emotion that I couldn't name, because I was consumed by the feeling of emptiness.

Kylie walked away from me, and wouldn't look me in the eye. I didn't understand why she was acting this way. We drove home in silence, every time I would look over to her and began to say something the words wouldn't come out.

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