Somewhere in the back of my mind I felt him wake up and stand. I even heard the distant sound omitting from the vibration between my phone and a nearby table from an incoming call. I was just so tired and sleepy that I didn't wake up. It was practically the middle of the night. I let Joshua take it.

I didn't know how long he spoke to Lanning. I didn't know that he spoke to Lanning until much later, days later. I wouldn't know if the call was brief, or if Joshua took time to be convinced. I didn't know anything. Nothing at all. I never would.


"I can't see." I stated the obvious as I brought my hands up to my covered eyes.

"That's the point, Jilly." Joshua said, while steering me in the direction he was taking me.

I heard the swooshing of a door and instantly became alarmed.

"That was the Lamborghini wasn't it?" I asked darkly.

Joshua didn't reply, but he didn't have to. I already know that he had his love struck gaze on along with a smile on his face. He was growing way too attached to the car. Once I was inside, I re-adjusted the fabric that Joshua had secured on my face. It belonged to his bow tie that he had been wearing during the New Year's Event, and spelled distinctively of Durian.

I could have used those solitary moments to cheat and peak, but there was no point in it anyway. I knew we were still outside of the hotel.

I heard the key being put in the ignition and the gentle purr as the car come to life. I wasn't going to lie even I was becoming a little attached to the damn thing. Which was ridiculous since it was just a car. Plus, it was a car that I could never own in a million years.

I didn't know what to do with myself since I couldn't really see, so I ended up resting my head on the palm of my hand. I was started when my other hand found itself inside Joshua's. I was an absolute idiot, because instead of keeping my mouth shut, I ended up blabbering the first thing that came to my mind.

"You're holding my hand." I stated. I was really ready to take on the crown belonging to Queen of the Obvious. No shit, Lilly, he's holding your hand and the sky is blue.

I was debating how weird it would be if I just slapped myself in the face, when Joshua replied.

"Yup, I'm holding your hand." Now I knew he was just trying to be cute by mimicking my social blunder.  At the same time I was relieved that he hadn't pulled his hand away. I wanted it there. Boy, did I want that hand there.

We rode for a while, and it probably wasn't very long, but I knew how nosy I could be. The unknown always irked me, because I would go on an unending quest to figure it out. This time I had no choice but to sit and hold Joshua's hand. Which wasn't that bad if you asked me.

"Wait," I spoke up, the realization hitting me at just that moment.

"If you're holding my hand...that means that you're driving with one hand! Joshua!" I yelled, clearly thinking of the ways that we could crash and end up with broken necks and an even worse event, instant debt.

"We're here!" Joshua said, chuckling and ignoring me purposely.

I was about to speak when I felt him reach over and untie the bow behind my head. The blind fold slipped from my face and I took note of my surroundings. The streets were surrounded by boutiques and even I could recognize the luxurious brand names. There were mannequins that could be seen from almost every window and many people were walking around.

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