Chapter 17

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It was the weekend and me and Taylor where getting ready to go to prom. Yeah I cant believe its here either. I was standing above my bed looking at the dress we ordered. It was a white strapless dress full length and was backless. It had beautiful beading and was absolutely gorgeous. Taylor was spinning around in my computer chair for some reason. I looked over at her and shook my head, she was crazy but thats why I loved her. Taylors dress was beautiful it fit her personality just right. It was strapless and the color was a purple pink color with beading and pretty flowers on it. "Taylor come on your suppose to be doing my hair and make up." Taylor stopped spinning in the chair and looked at me like she was going to be sick.

"What?" I asked. "Who are you trying to look good for, Michael...or is it Ian?" she said with a smirk on her face. I looked at her confused and said "Taylor, I dont even know who this Ian person is." She shook her head but complied with getting up to do my hair and make up.Truth is I had been lying to Taylor, I knew exactly who Ian was. Ever since I hit my head that day driving to school I had been having strange dreams about people telling me that I live in a diferent univere, that the people I live with arent my real parents. This has been happening for days and so I just sccum to believe that maybe these dreams are real and are trying to tell me something but I dont know what.

Taylor pulled me into the ensuite bathroom and sat me down in the chair. Make up and hair products covered the counter which I knew I would have to clean up later because Taylor wouldnt. After hours of curling my hair and doing my make up Taylor finally finished. It looked fantastic, my long brown hair was curled and left to hang lose down my back. My make up was a grey shimmery eye shadow and black eye liner. Once I put the dress on Taylor started on doing her hair and make up. Her makeup had a purple and pink smokey eye effect to it and her hair was pinned up in a bun with curls on the side. To me she kinda looked like a fairy with style. I was grabbing my clutch and phone when the door bell rang.

"I WILL GET IT!!" Taylor screamed from who knows where.'I thought she was in the bathroom.' I walked downstairs after grabbing the things I need and into the forier. Taylor and Michael where chatting by the door when I walked up. "Hey, you look beautiful. Are you ready to go?" Michael said. I nodded and looked over to Taylor to see if she was ready but she was already heading towards the door. Michael held out his arm for me to go first and we walked towards his car. The drive there was met with Taylor screaming every song that played on the radio. It was starting to drive me insane, so I took the first thing I saw in Michael's car, which happened to be a phone charger and chuked at Taylor. "OWW!" I glared at her from the passenger seat, "Taylor, please your giving me a migraine, and Im pretty sure Michael here has one to." She mumbled a 'sorry' right when we pulled up to the school.

We walked together to the gym where prom was being held. You would think that it would be held somewhere else. We got in there and the music was blaring out the speakers and the lights where low. There were tables set up for people to sit at with small plates of food on them. We walked over too one and sat down. Taylor immediately started grabbing at the food and stuffing it into her mouth like she hadnt eatin for days. I looked at her wide eyed and so did everyone else who were in close range to the table. "Taylor, calm down your acting like you havent eatin for days." She looked up at me and said through a mouth fool of food, "You didnt feed me so, now im really hungry."

I rolled my eyes and looked at Michael who was also staring at Taylor also. I cleared my throat "Do you wanna dance?" Michael nodded and we headed to the dance floor. We danced to a fast song for awhile when the dj announced a slow song to start. I looked up at Michael and he smiled down at me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he put his hands around my waist. We moved side to side to the song and I rested my head on his shoulder. Not a minute later I felt like I was beeing watched, I could feel someones eyes burning into the back of my head. I slowly looked over Michael's shoulder scanning the dance floor.

My eyes searched the crowd of heads looking at everyone. My eyes finally landed on something standing in the shadows over in the corner by the storage door. I strained my eyes to see who it was but could only make out the silhouette of a man. I didnt even realized we stopped dancing until, I heard Michael talking to someone. I looked up and saw Ian standing there. My heart nearly stopped from staring at him. His hair was tossled like he had just run his fingers through his hair. He had on a black tux that fit him like a glove, a white rose pinned on the left side of his coat. From what I can remember Ian's eyes use to be a beautiful ocean blue but now his eyes were that of a deep sapphire.

Not really knowing what Michael and Ian's conversation was but the next thing I knew Michael was walking away towards our table. I went to follow but my arm was suddenly pulled back. Ian was standing there with a smirk on his face. I go to remove my arm but his grip only tightens. "Miss me?" his deep voice whispers in my ear. I look at him and say, "I dont even know who you are." He scoffs and says, "Oh dont lie Isabelle. You know exactly who I am." I look anywhere but at him, only to have my eyes wander to the silhouette of the man in the shadows. I glanced back at Ian who was watching my every move. "Thats going to leave a bruise." I said. Ian looked at me confused and I looked down at the grip he still had on my arm.

I dont know how much time had past with us just standing there, but that soon ended when Ian's back stiffend and said we need to leave. "Why?" I asked. "It's late, you should be getting home." His eyes were wandering the room searching for something. When he found what he was looking for he let out a small growl. I looked over to what he was staring at. It was the same silhouette I had been looking over at not to long ago. "Do you know who that is?" I asked. Before he could answer the man was suddenly infront of us. "Hello brother." I looked at Ian confused, he had a look of anger and disgust on his face. "Brody."


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