Chpt. 3

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I realize I'm in nothing but a t shirt and underwear. Oh well, he doesnt even notice. His eyes go from sleepy to concerned as soon as he sees my tears.

"Babe! What's wrong?" he says, coming closer and wiping a tear that rolls down my cheek.

"Oh nothing. My boyfriend and I just had an argument," I say, looking away trying to brush off his concern. I stand up best I can, wipe my tears away, brush my hair out of my face, and try to look fine. Im not going to break in front of this guy i barely know. But when he opens his arms and takes me in them, I dont resist. Instead I walk into them and let him hold me.

Until the pain. He holds me right on my bruises, and this time I can't cover it up. I wince and whimper in his arms so he lets go and looks at me with a confused and concerned look. Great. I blew it. Then he realizes and his eyes widen and fill with alarm. His look changes to anger as he walks behind me and lifts up my shirt, reveling my back, which is covered in huge, black and blue bruises I'd gotten from the beatings. A shiver runs down my back as the cold air hits my bare skin. He turns me around again and his eyes pierce into mine.

"No." he whispers in disbelief. His eyes fill with tears. Suddenly, I am being scooped up and carried by strong but gentle arms. I wrap my legs around him and bury my face in his bare shoulder and let my tears go again as he carries me like a baby; ever so gently. My body aches but I ignore it. He brings me into a room and sets me lightly on a bed. I feel myself being covered with a blanket, and feel him lay on the other side of the bed with me. He takes me in his arms again, careful not to touch my bruises though, and holds me. And I hold onto him for dear life. I cry into his chest as he holds me. Eventually he starts to kiss away the pain. He kisses my face, and my tears. He plants soft, sweet kisses on my neck. I feel his tears drop against my neck along with his lips. Why do I have to be so weak? The last thing I wanted was to make him cry too.

We stay like that for a while, me crying on his bare chest and him kissing me. It feels so good that I never want it to end. Not only his comforting kisses, but... Just letting it all out. Letting the tears flow after holding them in for so long. I feel like I could cry for ages-but eventually the tears dry up, and there are none left. Niall doesn't stop kissing me though-and I don't stop him either.

But all good thing must come to an end. And he does stop. The only thing he says is "I'm sorry. I'm sorry im sorry I'm sorry." He repeats it over and over. Sometimes he adds a "so" before the "sorry".

"Niall. You have nothing to be sorry about." I croak.

But he can't say anything else. He just keeps repeating it-like a broken record. I look up into his eyes and see tears streaming down his face. When his eyes are so watery and full of tears, they really do look like the ocean.

"You don't deserve this. Im so sorry." he cries.

I cant get him to stop, so I do the only thing I can think of. I kiss him. And it's not a passionate kiss filled with desire or a flame, but a short, comforting, and gentle kiss. Like the ones he gave me.

When it ends, he pulls me closer, so that our bodies are together, and whispers "You're safe with me." And with that I fall asleep in his protective arms. Because I believe him.


Sorry this chapter was so short, I just thought this was a good place to stop! Please comment and tell me what you think of it! xx

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