I know some of you keep asking when I'm going to update, so here it is! I'm suffering a terrible writer's block right now so this chappie may be stupid.

AUDITIONS ANYONE?????? I'm holding auditions for anyone who would like to land a role-for any of my stories! Here are the roles you can try out for and you can try out for all of them, just one audition per role:

Beautiful Mistake- Lexi's BF- age 16-19.............. Mara's friend- age 17-19............ A hot, famous mystery guy- age 19 or older- but not TOO old! (whoever is ineterested in that role will get more info about him)

Forever Young- Addy's 2 BFs- age 13-14 (2 people may get those roles!)

Chasing Styles- Jordyn's enemy- age 16-18............ Jordyn's nerdy BF- age 16-18

Things you need to tell me in your audition:

-Name (Full)


-Who you are auditioning for




-Picture of character (optional, but there will be a better chance of you landing the role!)

Inbox me your audition if you want it to be private so no one else steals your ideas! You can enter from NOW until early September. TELL EVERYBODY YOU KNOW THAT IS INTERESTED!

Thanks again! Love you!

Chapter 10

I started to worry. Why wasn't Niall back from clubbing last night yet? It was already 2 P.M. the next day.

"If he's with Mara, he's out for a long time." Liam had told me when I asked. "Niall will eventually show up."

Four hours later, he showed up with the Barbie doll that he called his 'girlfriend'. Wait, I shouldn't be saying negative things about Mara. I haven't even met her yet. Plus, Niall chose her. It's his decision.

When they entered the front door, she straightened up and flipped her. He kissed her on the cheek and murmured something in her ear. She gave him a fake knowing smile. I watched them from the hallway. Mara noticed me and immediately took his hand, almost trying to say that Niall was hers, no one else's.

"Hey, Lexi. I know I haven't properly introduced my girlfriend to you, so I am going to take the time and do that now." He smiled at me. Zayn walked in and his eyes fell on the real-life doll. He immediately turned around, but Niall stopped him.

"Zayn! Mara's here." He gestured to her. Zayn nodded in welcome and stood awkwardly to the side. "I'll leave you to ladies to get to know each other while I get Harry to make supper." Niall disappeared down the hall.

As soon as he was gone, Mara glared at me.

"Um, hi. I'm Lexi." I said timidly.

"Well, no duh. That's obvious." She scoffed back. Okay, maybe I DO take back the bad things I said about her earlier. I stated at the floor while she only admired her nails stuck up-ishly. Finally, she stalked off down the hallway in her 5 inch heels, without tripping or doing anything embarrassing like I would. How come she got to be so perfect and I didn't?

I followed down the corridor. I could see all of the guys crowded in one corner of the room while Mara sat on the couch with Niall in a make-out session. The lads almost seemed........ Scared? Of her?

"PDA!" Louis called out. She jerked away from the blonde and shot him a very frightening look. Now I knew why they seemed all jumpy.

Finally, Niall broke apart from her and told Harry to make something 'fancy.' He nodded, clearly grateful to escape and bolted to the kitchen.

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