'Just 'Friends' Part 4

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A/N I know that part 3 kinda ended pretty promptly but I didnt really know what else to write :-\

Anyway, here's part 4 hope you like!! <3


Bella and Eimear came around 2-ish .We ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut and then we got to work.

'Ok, now first have a shower' Eimear exclaimed.


'And the when you're finished we will do you make-up' Said Bella.

'Ok see you in ten'


'Ok now so I think we will go with a natural look for the make-up.'said Eimear.

'Ok so what will I wear?'

'Um you should causual, like jeans and back and white stripy top with your back leather jacket.'

I slipped on my Hollister jeans and my black and white stripy top and grabbed my leather jacket on my way out.

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