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Alison's POV

My name is Alison, but everyone calls me Ali, im 18 and I'd say that im pretty normal, I've got longish dark brown hair, hazel eyes and tan skin. I am 5'7 or 8. Oh, and I love one direction!


"Charlotte! Turn up the radio" I said to my bestfriend. (radio): "First caller gets two tickets to the One direction concert next week, complete with meet and greet passes and front row seats!"

"Oh my god, Charlie!!!" I cried, I fumbled around In my blue tote.bag for my phone, when I finally found it I dialed the radio stations number *riiing* *riiiing* "Hey this is Joe from the beat!"

"Oh my gosh did I win??"

"No sorry, try again in an hour for another chance to win!"

I quitley cursed under my breath, "okay thank you bye" I muttered. It's 3:25 so i'd have to call in an hour at 4:25. I put the radio stations number into my cellphone contacts.

"Hey, Char how much longer until we get to the mall?" I was getting impatient

"Two minutes, keep your pants on, girl!" Charlotte said, annoyed.

I was still a bit annoyed that I didnt win those tickets, but oh well I'd try again later..

I literally blew all of my money at the mall, I mean I only make minumum wage on my summer job as a cashier!

I check the time on my phone.. 4:24, "SHIITT" I say, "Whats wrong?" says Charlotte

"I . Need. Those. Tickets" I said as the numbee dialed.

"Hello?" Said Joe im guessing

"Hi! Please tell me I won!" I cried

"Yup you just won two tickets to see the famous british boy ONNEE DIRECTION!"

"Oh my gosh!! Thank you so much!" I pratically yelled into my phone

"No problem, we'll mail you the tickets!"

"ok bye!" I said

"Wow Ali! You actually won! Who are you gonna take?" Said Charlotte

"You, silly!" I said

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