~A Good Night's Rest~


I had only drifted off to sleep a few minutes ago when I heard the sound of tree limbs breaking. I rose quickly and looked towards the direction of the noise. I lowered my head and let out a warning growl.

Fuck! Okay calm yourself Ari.

A big black wolf approached me slowly with surprised eyes. He towered over me and could have easily overpowered me. Fortunately, my wolf and I were very familiar with this particular wolf.

“Ease up Ari it’s only me,”

I instantly popped up from my stance bowing slightly and apologizing to the wolf, Taylor’s wolf.  Oh, did I not mention that the golden gold himself was the son of the Alpha. Silly Rabbit!

“What are you doing out here, alone? You know the rules Ari!” Oh great if it wasn't Jason it Taylor both those boys act as if I some hopeless little girl.

“Jeez sorrrry dad. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal.”

Taylor growled warningly “Careful Ari, you may be like a little sister to me but I am still your Alpha. You are well aware of the rules. You are not allowed out this late with no one to protect you.”

I winced at the authority he held in his voice and murmured my apologized. But seriously he did not just say ‘protect me’ like I’m just to incapable of taking care of myself…Pff. Okay, okay I may be a petite human and have technically never been in a fight in my life but I am a stronger wolf then anyone gives me credit for.

Taylor must have noticed he hurt me a little because he looked a little torn.

“I’m sorry Ari I did not mean to make you feel bad or use that tone with you. But you really shouldn’t be hear alone it would kill your parents, brother and Mel if something was to happen to you.”

I sighed knowing just how true his words were but also felt a little disappointment in the fact that he didn’t put himself in that category.

He sighed, rather from annoyance or tiredness I wasn't sure. “Come I’ll walk you home”

I had put up my best puppy dogface since I couldn’t pout in wolf form. He only smiled; yes wolf can smile, and shook his head while walking away. My wolf and I had our pervy moment as we watched his backside walking off. Suddenly I had this eerie feeling that I was being watched. I looked back and stirred at the spot where I thought someone was.

“Ari keep up!”

Shit! I jumped at the person yelling in my head. Oh how I wish people wouldn’t do that. I mean seriously it's like placing a freaking bullhorn in someone face sing the national freakin anthem of full blast.

“Sorry” I mumbled as I turned and frolicked to where he was.

“Tay, why were you here?”

He shook his head chuckling to himself, “Patrol duh! Me, Erin, Brice and Jas are on watch tonight.

The boys it must have been one of them who I felt. But it couldn’t have been Jas because he would be the first one to yell at me for being out so late and Erin wouldn’t have missed an opportunity to prank me. Hmm must have been Brice we barely know each other, well at least I hope.

We started of walking but Taylor had to get back so he started of running with me following close behind. My mind was buzzing and I couldn't quite focus. I was thinking about all that just happen when I didn’t even realize I was home.

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