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1. Wax his eyebrows.

2. Call Lee or any of his students stupid.

3. Challenge him to do something really stupid, and the loser has to pay for an unlimited shopping spree.

4. Tell him how stupid the jumpsuit looks.

5. While Gai is around give Lee sake.

6. Tell him Neji is part of the Sound4, or Akatsuki.

7. When Gai is asleep, spike up his hair with super glue.

8. Force Gai to play Grand Theft Auto. (Any Version, *Evil laugh.*)

9. Sing 'Gai and Kakashi sitting in a tree' to EVERYONE in Team Gai.

10. Sing 'Gai and Lee sitting in a tree' to EVERYONE in Team Gai and run like hell. (If you want to live! O.O)

11. Lock Lee in a closet and taunt Gai that he'll never find him. (Be sure your stronger then Gai!)

12. Show Gai ALL the pictures of GaiXLee, GaiXKakashi, and everyone else he has been paired with. ( Run, run, as fast as you can, if you wanna remain a ninja!)

13. Tell Gai the Kakashi is secretly working for Orochimaru.

14. Steal ALL of Gai's clothes and force them to wear Hyuga clothing.

15. Give Lee sake and lock him in a closet with Gai and let them out AFTER 3 hours.

16. Tell Gai that Lee died in surgery and run like hell when Tsunade tells him the truth!

17.  Force Gai to watch the Chuunin Match of 'Gaara vs Lee'.

18. Call him super bushy-brow sensei.

19. Talk about how muck Kakashi is way more cooler than him. (Make sure Guy is there with you.)

20. Tell him youth is not real.


Me: That's it! Sensei's are hard to annoy!

Guy: You can't annoy me!

Me: Youth is not real.

Guy: *Sobbing.*

Me: What was that?

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