Blown Away

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     Tiffany, and average high school senior about to graduate, had a MAJOR crush on Harry Styles, from one direction. She was finally going to get to meet them and go to their concert in LA; her best friend (who had a crush on Niall) got her the tickets for her 18th birthday. Tiffany soon fell in love with Harry, but things went bad soon after that with the boys being on tour and stuff her life had changed dramatically.

Chapter 1:

      It’s the last day of school. I looked around to my best friend Brittanie and raised my eyebrow and I mouthed, “2 minutes left.” We both smiled ear to ear as we counted down. I zoned out thinking about how today after school was my birthday, and I got to go see one direction with Brittanie. I jumped as the bell rang, just to find myself running out with Brittanie to my old beaten up car. I looked confused as I stopped and saw a brand new Camaro in its place. I turn to Brittanie and she just has the biggest smile. I say, “What’s this..?” She replies, “Hmm, someone has the best parents ever” as she pointed to my mom and dad a few feet away from the car. I throw my bag down on the cement not caring about the papers that flew out of it. I run to my parents and hug them the finally pull away and they say, “Happy Birthday Sweetheart, here are the keys. Its already paid for insurance and everything” I couldn’t stop smiling as I hugged them once more then jumped in the driver seat and yelled at Brittanie to get in. She does as I command and we drive off to get ready for the best day of our lives.

Chapter 2:

    We pulled into the drive of my house and run to my room. Brittanie had her stuff in my room already so we could make one trip. We got ready I threw on Short jean shorts with a cute hot pink belt. I wore a cardigan top that was black with some blue tint in it. I curled the tips of my brown hair pulling my bangs back with a fishtail braid. I threw on some casual sandals and put on makeup, I remember how the boys like Natural beauty. I step out when Brittanie came back from getting ready in the other room we both give it a twirl smile and say “AMAZING.”  It was 6:30. I thought to myself “man that took us a while” The concert started at 7 and was only a couple blocks away from my house. We grabbed our purse and our tickets and headed to the concert.

Chapter 3”

    We arrived and it as packed we headed straight to our front row seats we waited for about 5 minutes when I heard screaming I looked at the stage and there stood the most amazing gorgeous guys ever. I loved them all Harry was stunning. His perfect emerald eyes and curly hair that flowed just right, made my heart race. I glanced at Brittanie staring at Niall who she preferred. They sing their songs and do the concert and we fan girl so much I think that I almost lost my voice. The concert ended and we walked out to my car and got in and drove to a Starbucks nearby. The whole time we were talking we were talking for about 1 hour then suddenly Brittanie’s mouth drops. “Brittanie what’s wrong what?” She can’t say anything she is frozen she points at a booth where there were 5 boys talking it up. I soon realized who they were and froze too. We didn’t know what to do. So I turn around just as Harry glances up and seen me staring. My cheeks flush red and are burning. Harry gets out of his seat and I see and just say to myself, “act natural” He sits next to you and introduces his self, the whole time staring deep into my blue eyes with his perfect emerald eyes, they made me melt. Brittanie got up to Niall and they were talking while I and Harry were talking.

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