safe and sound

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Carlies P.O.V

screw it i thought as i push my key into the lock and twist it til it signals its open "hellooo mum ?" silence odd "MUM ARE YOU IN" nothing again ? thats strange shes usually in waiting for me so she can torture me then walk out to the local bar and find a stranger thats how its been for the past 12 years get home get treated like filth then she goes out gets drunk til she cant remember her own name then i would just clean my cuts and make my way over to were the other 2 are you see this happend when i was 6 my dad died in a car crash when i was 5 my mum took it awful when i turned 6 she left me alone for the first time with nothing i had to try and make my own dinner shower myself do my hair until i get it done i even had to try and do my own laundry but that went a bit down the drain but that was the first time it happend one night my mum came home stinking of booze and ciggarettes i was just sitting on the sofa waiting for my mum to come home and tell me every thing will be ok i was down because i had a nightmare thinking of my dad just laying on his death bed dying and we couldnt do anything to save him so i decided to go down and wait for my mum tell me everything will be ok but it asnt like that 2 AM she come home staggering every where with a stranger on her like a piece of meat "ahhhh whose this little girl" the strange man said making his way over to me failing on the way falling over i was terrified what would happen would any one hear my pleas for help "this is my slut of a daughter say hello Carlie" what was a slut i kept replaying through my head i thought mums was supposed to be nice what happend to my loving mum who is this monster in front of me whilst i was thinking all this i screamed in pain my mum grabbed my hair yanking my head back and slapped me til i feel to the ground and then she still slapped me and kept kicking me calling worthless that no one would want a whore like me that no one would want to love a slut like me i was finally free when my mum told me to get out of her sight it was my pleasure except i could hardly move my ribs killed and my lip was bleeding but i rushed as much as i can to my room and just locked my door crying my eyes out thinking what had i done wrong i was 6 for goodness sake what was i meant to think that night i cried myself to sleep thinking tomorow will be a better day little did i know that this was only the beginning of nightly beatings by my own flesh and blood

"i'm sexy and i know it" i hear from my mobile and i start to fish it out of my bag "hello" "hiii baby cakes is the bitch home yet ?" "no thank god why whats up" "ok me and Chase have decided all this week you will be staying with us so pack your stuff for the week and your party stuff cause its going to be the besties week" "ok i will back my bag ready i already know what to wear for the party" "greattt and bring make up and some booze if you can" "yh will do im still popping shops before though" "yh dont forget my dye" "i wont right i must go and pack and get out here before she comes back" "ok bye baby cakes" "byeeeee" and then we put the phone down and get my suitcase i bet your wondering why well if you live with Chase and Kirsty for a week you need eveeeeerrrrrrryyyyythinggggggg they like to pick out clothes and chop and change them and then they need to bring make up its just so complicated in mornings with them so i just practically empty my drawers and wardrobe even though there is not a lot in there i just chuck everything i get my toiletries in a different bag i pack my laptop by phone charger my make up bag my party outfits about 10 pairs of shoes what a girl loves her shoes especially my heels especially my jimmy choos oh and my platforms also my louboutin shoes althogether i must have 20 pairs of heels and 10 flats when im done in packing up my bedroom i walk own carrying my very heavy case plonk it down in the doorway and walk in the kitchen and walk to 'mums cupboard' which consists of alcohol i open up my hand bag and sneak in a bottle of jack and some vodka i will use my fake I.D at the supermarket and buy some more there when i have everything i walk out and lock everything up and double check everything is lockedi grabbed my car keys and drive to the supermarket thats when i do the shop for the week first of hair dye blue and pink check second popcorn check,sweets check,chocolate check,soda check,crisps check,alcohol score pack of beer strongbow vodka baileys and a bottle of brandy SCOREEEEE anyways now lets go and pay made it safe and sound to check out until i crash in to person infront of me yes you guessed right i crashed into the one and only Mr Stewart with a trolley full of booze "Mr Stewart ?" "Carlie ? and its Chris outside of school Carlie and whats with the alcohol" "oh erm it doesnt matter" "Carlie listen we need to talk about what happend at school" "erm yh ok when are you free and where" "after here i know a coffee shop near by if thats ok with you" "yh thats fine" "great" and thats how i ended up at the coffee shop nursing my cup of hot chocolate in a booth talking to Mr Ste-no Chris "so whats with the alcohol and how did you buy it your not 21 yet" "that my teacher is a secret" i say opening my boot and seeing his eyes widen at my suitcase "you moving out or something" "yep for a week at Kirstys with Chase she suggests i pack my whole wardrobe" "and what did your mum say" "puurrrrlease do you think i mum even notices im gone but erm no she wasnt home shes proberly at a bar somewhere hell she could be lying in a ditch and i wouldnt care" and he suddenly grabs my hand and igasp at the sudden sparks that flew from his hand on mine "you dont mean that" "yes i do she makes my life a living hell she doesnt give a shit about me" "what about any other people in your family your dad any brothers sisters aunts uncles ? there has to be someone" "nope my dad died when i was 5 died in a car crash im a only child my dads family basically disowned him when he met my mum and my mums side dont even get me started on them" "would it help if i talked to your mum" "no no no no no not at all if she got a call from school she would go mental i would proberly be killed" "Carlie if you dont mind me asking when and how did this happen and does it still carry on" "erm it sort of still happens it started when i was 6 a year after my dad died the anniversary of it actually she left me alone one night she left me to go out drinking she left me to cook clean up shower myself even though i was only 6 i was capable of doing that but not doing a very good job of it anyway i went to bed at 10PM and she still wasnt in it was about 12 at night i had a bad dream about my father so i went down to see if she came back yet she still wasnt so i stayed down cuddling myself on the sofa til about 2AM she um staggered in drunk out of her mind and she wasnt alone she brought home a fella he um started saying how cute i was luckily thats all he got before he fell and went to sleep on the floor the she um grabbed my hair started slapping kicking me calling me worthless that no one could love a slut like me it carried on for about half hour my ribs killed my lip was bleeding everything was finally done and i figured this was the only beginning and boy was i right" i finshed of my story wiping my tears furiously while he just sat there taking in everything i just said until he squeezed my hand "i am so sorry" "its fine you didnt know" "why dont you tell school they could set you with a temporally home or something like that" "no because i will be took away from everything my friends my school my home i would be put in foster care or something Mr Stewart you cant tell anyone no one would want me anyway im just that worthless old slut who nobody wants" "thats not true" "yes it is i have no one apart from my 2 best friends everyone hates me" "no they dont" "Mr S what would you know you have been in school for a day wait a week and you will see the hate that everyone has for me they just think im a meaningless slut who is easy to fuck and get into bed with and yh thats pretty much true and everyone hates me for it because i could lure there boyfriends into bed infact believe it or not i have slept with nearly evey boy in my old school do i regret it pretty much yh but no because i wanted to wait for the love everyone brags about but i cant find the one person who makes me feel special like i mean something to them when i got a park i see a happy couple with a child does anyone think i might want that i have dreams i want my prince charming i want a baby with my prince its not fair how everyones fairy tale comes true and then theres me ay what am i i will tell you what im the bit on the side as everyone wants to call it" "no" "yep thats what i am no one will ever love me" "what if i feel that way about you" "you cant your my teacher im your student nothing will be able to happen" "listen Carlie let me prove to you i feel that way for you let me prove there is someone out there for you someone who will love you and be your prince" "yh and what you going to do" "go on a date with me" is this man insane ovbiously yes "areyou insane your my teacher what part dont you understand we wont be able to do what lovey dovey couples do" "Carlie i dont care if your my student hell you could be a criminal forall i care and my feelngs would still be their for you" wait what did he say feelings god does he feel it to please tell me he does "feelings what feelings"

"the way i want to feel about you i only met you today and i already have so many feelings for you feelings i shouldnt have the way you looked at me today for the first time you took me away with your confidence you didnt fawn over me like the other girls did thank god and thats what i like about you your smart beautiful confident caring everything about you is just amazing and when i kissed you god them lips did you feel anything because for me god it was like the 4th july it was fireworks exploding inside did you feel that to ?" was he serious of course i did i mean look at him his cute dimples his eyes his scent everything about him is intoxicating right snap out of it Carlie he is waiting for a answer

"of course i did thats why it should of been kept proffesional that i thought you would never like me i would be to young for a man like you i mean you could risk your job you do know that and you have only teached for a day you cant just loose your job i wont allow it" has this man completely lost it he is risking his job dating a pupil this is insane i feel like im dreaming

"Carlie i dont care about my job i will get another job if i have to please just trust me on this"

"i cant"and i just run out of the coffee shop without a glance back was this man stupid no way could i have a relationship with my teacher i could be expelled he could be arrested i dont want that people will hate me more if i get the new 'hot' teacher arrested and sacked i just cant think about this right now my life is already bad as it is i dont need a forbidden relationship on my plate aswell it just wont work i know it nothing works for me so after i run from the coffee shop hearing Chris's pleas to come back i start up my engine and drive to Kirstys and pull up in her empty drive i take it her parents are on a business trip when i pull up i sound my horn so they can help me carry everything in within a flash they are out opening the boot

"HOLY SHIT when i say bring alcohol i didnt mean whole friggin shop"

"oh ok i will take it back to mine and have a mini party on my own then"

"Kirsty keep that mouth shut we need alcohol and plus there is a party on friday and we are here alllllllll week"

"yh your right thanks baby cakes how much ?"

"dont be stupid its on me and there was a offer on anway so i say tomorow we go to the supermarket and buy as much alcohol as we can for the party and for whenever" i suggest

"yh that sounds good what about your mum Kirst would she mind about alcohol being stashed"

"My mum won't care she would most probably want some"

"Yh that's why mine are going to be hid my mums bad as it is now lets get moving"

"did you bring the wardrobe again"

"yh i did Chase"

"good and why are you so late"

"ummm welll yh funny story" i start of

"funny haha or funny borinnnnggggg or woooow"

"you might think haha and wowwww"

"Well come on tell" Kirsty says desperately

"ok i met Mr Stewart we went for coffee and we talked"

"Aboutttttt?" they both said at the same time

"thingssssss" I replied dragging the S as i say things

"no fair" Kirsty says crossing her arms

"I know but i need to think about this its not something i can take lightly just trust me on this Kay"

"Ok sorry i was a bitch"

"It don't matter we can all be a bitch sometime your my best friend Kirst i don't want to loose you"

"Oh trust me you won't i am sticking around teacher or not we made that promise we will keep it"

"anddd where do i come into this"

"yh your also in this"


"uncle wedding planner fashion designer decorator"

"okok i get it now come on lets get started"Chase says taking in the bags and alcohol maybe this week won't be bad just as long as i stay away from Mr Stewart

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