The Life of a Foreigner

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A/N This is a story about a cats life that goes horribly wrong. Enjoy comment vote and fan me!!"!!!!

One day there was a foreigner named Mrs.Gonit.

and she had a cat named Lola .She went to her farm to milk the cows . Next thing you know she sees her cat fat . The women says "wat the heck r u fat or pregnant ?" The next day she saw kittens all in her room.

The women went downstairs and straight for the living room and......

"Omg u were pregant aww um why are so pale and quiet"the women said as she was about to cry . "Im gonna take u to the vet .The doctor says "Excuse me but your cat Lola is going die in two hours im sorry" . As the lady picks up her cat and walks out the vet and go's into her car and starts to cry .As they arrive home Mrs.Gonit stayed with her cat all the time.It was the second day the women didnt know when the cat was gonna die? The woman went to the grocery store when she came back she saw the cat eating and drinking .Mrs.Gonit went to the bathroom and she came back Lola was dead .That was the end for Lola . Mrs.Gonit was sad and inly with the kitten ."Farewell Lola Gonit farewell" as she cried.

The End!

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