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*Fred’s POV*

            I splashed water on my face and looked into the small mirror above the sink, why was I so nervous? It’s not like being married changed anything between Riley and I, sure it would make us much closer but that didn’t mean that I should be shaking like this. I turned so my back was leaning against the sink and looked at the ceiling, I needed to stop shaking, wonder if Riley felt like this right now.

            I jumped as Riley knocked on the door, “um. Fred? Everything alright in there?”

            “Yeah, be out in a moment!” I called, my voice cracked at the end—god damn nerves!

            “Well, come on then! You said you had a surprise for me!”

            I groaned, of course I did. And of course she remembered me saying this, I kicked the tub in front of me which resulted in an aching foot. I walked over to the door and opened it to see Riley standing there in one of my shirts, I couldn’t help but smile slightly as I moved her rumpled hair from her face—she was as gorgeous as ever. “You alright?” Riley whispered as she removed my hand from her face.

            “Perfectly fine, love,” I lied. I was more nervous than I’d ever been in my life—even more than the day I told Riley that I fancied her. Riley raised her eyebrows at me and kissed me before frowning.

            “Tell me what’s wrong or I’m just going to bed, alone, without you,” Riley pouted.

            “You wouldn’t dare go to bed without me, I know you can’t sleep without me next to you,” I smirked.

            “Just try me,” Riley raised an eyebrow at me, “our first night officially married and we sleep in separate rooms. Unless, of course, you tell me what’s wrong.”

            I placed my hands on either side of her face and huffed, “you’re a stubborn girl aren’t you?”

            “Only yours,” Riley smirked at me. I laughed as I kissed her forehead.

            “Alright, well. I suppose I’ll show you the surprise I have for you,” I smiled as I flicked my wand in the air. Music started to play in the background and I chuckled as Riley looked around excitedly.

            “Do you remember this song?!” Riley asked as she sat down next to me on the couch.

            “You sang it for me, your fifth year,” I smiled as I stroked her cheek, making her blush.

            “So this surprise….” I chuckled as Riley’s eyes lit up.

            “I want you to take a moment and notice something,” Riley looked around and pouted. “We don’t have the twins for a while, and I was thinking of a little trip. Just to unwind and enjoy being with each other like we use to be—no responsibilities, just the enjoyment of each other’s company.”

            “Where will this trip take place?” Riley’s eyes sparkled with excitement.

            “That’s the surprise, well part of it anyway…” I chuckled as I kissed her cheek.

            “What’s the other part?” Riley asked excitedly.

            I smiled as I stroked her cheek, “There’s a bag already packed and ready to go, so its whenever you want to go.”

            Riley jumped up excitedly, “how about after you tell me the second part of the surprise?”

            “I wanted to sing for you…but…”

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