Mister Monster

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Chapter One-Puppies

"Mindy, big news! Guess. No. No. N-Yes! Yeah. Sexy as sin, too. BTW, I get to go to the pet shop to pick out a new pet. I'm thinking small and Fluffy. Uh-huh. Binky's getting too old. Teresa gets something too. This is gonna be hot! Bu-bye." Click. Anne got off the phone and got ready for bed. She couldn't wait to see the new student. He was supposed tho be new here. She diddn't usually get so exited about anything to do with school in general, but change was unusual in rural Suburbia.I can't wait for tomorrow, she thought as she threw on her PJ's. Just think, a change!


        That night she dreamt of two wolves fighting over a trembling rabbit. Every time the white one lunged the black one vanished. Then, a chocolate colored wolf bit the rabbit and it became a wolf. The wolf that used to be a rabbit was silver gray, and every time she attacked the two fighting wolves, she shimmered. When she had killed them both, she lit up like a silver candle and turned around, presumably to finish off with the chocolate wolf. But it was nowhere to be seen. Just before she woke up, the half-conscious part of her thought, This place looks familiar. And then it was morning.


"That was a freaking real-I mean weird-dream," Anne said. That was the first thing Anne did when she awoke. "I can't belive the detail of it. Mindy's gonna love this." She then got up and got ready for school.

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