Chapter Twenty One

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*Sniffs* sadly this is the last chapter...I really should have put a warning in the last chapter that this was it but I was lazy and I forgot. So! I may or may not write an epilogue, I'm still debating. Thanks to all who have voted and commented!

Chapter Twenty one

John's point of view

In the two weeks leading up to my birthday Foster and I had pretty much patched up our relationship. I'm still a little mad about him thinking I was cheating but he's been so perfect lately. It's hard to stay mad at Foster.

The Saturday before my birthday, or today, Foster decided to take me out. In fact right now I'm on my way to who knows where. He gave me no hints or clues on where we're going. He wouldn't even tell me what I should wear so I had to pick something in between casual and formal, and that's pretty hard when you have a small amount of clothing.

I sigh happily and lean back into the comfy passenger's seat. "Where are we going?" Maybe, just maybe he'll tell me.

"Sorry cutie, no can do! It's a surprise!" Foster smiles over at me. "But I will tell you, it might be a little...well surprising."

The only thing I've heard about our date is that it's also my birthday present. Since my birthday is on a Tuesday Foster decided to celebrate today instead.

"How so?" I question, crossing my arms in attempt to warm myself up.

I watch Foster's pale nose crinkle up, as if debating the answer. "Eh, you'll see." I pout and close my eyes. We'd been driving half an hour so far and my butt is starting to feel numb.

We drive a little ways more then a random though pops into mind. "Foster when can we have sex again?" I ask, staring at his pretty blue eyes.

As soon as the words escape my lips Foster slams on the breaks in shock. The car behind us honks and passes Foster's car, shooting a us dirty glare.

Nervously I chew on my lip wondering if I said something wrong. Does Foster not like doing "it" with me? Am I not good? Maybe it's just because of how sudden the question was...

"Tonight, if you want." I notice the blood rushing to his cheeks. "You uh, you can stay over at my house. Oh wait," Foster frowns, "everyone will be home."

I frown as well. I like doing it with Foster because he makes me feel safe and loved. I will admit it does feel nice doing that stuff with him, it feels amazing! I just felt so good- both physically and mentally- last time. I wish we could do it everyday...

"Well what about now?" I ask him. Foster did say we were a little early when he picked me up.

I notice Foster flip the turn signal on and turn into what seems like an abandoned factory of some sort. I raise an eyebrow at him as we stop at the back of the building.

"Let's do it." He says, smiling.

My eyes widen. "In a creepy building?!" there's no way I'm going in there!" I don't care what people might say, I get scared easily and I hate scary things!

Foster chuckles, patting my head. "I'm talking about in the car."

A blush creeps onto my cheeks. "Oh..." In the car? Is that even possible? I mean his car is on the small side.

Foster leans over, placing a soft kiss on my lips. All too soon he pulls away. "So what do you say?"

I hesitantly nod, not exactly loving the idea. Isn't it kind of gross doing it in the back of a car? I mean people sit back there! What if his younger siblings sit back there?!

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