Valery’s POV

I sit at the top of the stairs, watching all the hustle and bustle below me.  Dahvie is freaking out, cleaning everything, and trying to hide the fact that he’d completely neglected all upkeep of the house for the past week.  I don’t know why, it’s not like Jayy cares anyway.  He and Texas are coming home today, and I’m super excited!  But at the same time I’m really depressed, because Sally is leaving tonight.  That’s what’s causing the rest of the commotion down there.  Sally and Escence are rushing back and forth trying to pack last minute things for Sally.  They keep getting in Dahvie’s way.  I’d been banished to the upper level of the house because I was just standing around and watching, getting in the way of everything and being completely useless.  There’s a yelp as Rusty is too slow to get out from someone’s feet and is stepped on, again.  You’d think that after the first fifteen times he’d have learned better by now.  But then again, Irish Setters are known for being one of the dumbest dog breeds.

“Rusty!”  I hear Dahvie shout.

“Here Rusty!”  I call.  The little red ball of fur come hurdling up the stairs and stands next to me.  I start rubbing his back and he eventually lies down.  Jinxxiee comes and sits next to me suddenly.

“Are you going to miss her?”  She asks.

“More than I think even I realize.”  I tell her truthfully, with a sad sigh.  We watch as Sally brings one last suitcase into the room and places it with the others by the door.

“That’s the last of it.”  She says.  I suddenly can’t take it anymore.  I jump up and run down the stairs, tears streaming down my cheeks.  I slam into Sally and wrap my arms around her in a hug.  She hugs me back just as tightly after regaining her balance.

“I’m gonna miss you.”  I sob.  She starts crying then, too.  Everyone seems to drop everything to come over and join is in a huge, crying, group hug.  We finally break apart and go back to what we were doing.  I go back upstairs and into my room, which now is only my room.  They moved the second bed out this morning.  What used to be Sally’s half of the large room now looks bare and empty.  I suddenly can’t stand it anymore and pull a huge box out from under my bed.  It’s filled with every fan-mail letter and drawing I’d received in the past eight months or so since that I’ve been with the guys.  I start completely covering the barren walls of Sally’s half of the room with them.  At some point Jinxxiee, Escence, and Sally join me.  Rusty is now curled up on my bed.  Dahvie comes in eventually with a camera and starts recording us decorating, offering minute-by-minute commentary.  It’s actually a lot of fun.  By the time we finish, it’s time for Dahvie to go pick Jayy and Texas up from the airport.

Jinxxiee’s POV

“Jayybear!  Texy!”  I cover my ears when I hear the obnoxiously loud shriek.

“I really think you should really become a screamer, Val.” Jayy says, hugging her close.  I walk over and hug Texas, then me and Val trade.  We finally step back and give Sally and Escence a chance to hug them.  Val is jumping up and down from excitement.  Jayy grabs one of the suitcases to bring them upstairs and she quickly grabs a second one and runs off.

“Just let her burn off some of that energy.  She’ll calm down.”  Escence says as we all laugh at Val’s enthusiasm.

“Um, that was one of my suitcases.”  Sally says, causing us all to laugh even harder.  It’s then that I realize that Val did that on purpose, so I run after her.

“Come on Val, hand it over.”  I say when I finally find her.  She looks at me innocently and smiles, then shakes her head.  “Sally needs it, Val.  If she wants to leave then there’s really nothing we can do to stop her.”  She looks down sadly and then hands it over.

“I don’t want her to leave.”  She says.

“I know.”  We walk back down together.

“Nice try, Val.”  Sally says, trying to lift her spirits a bit.  She only gets a half-smile from her, though.

“Come here sweetie.”  Jayy says, pulling Val in for another hug.  Once again, this all leads to another group hug.  This one has two meanings, though.  We’re welcoming Jayy and Texas home, and we’re saying goodbye to Sally.  We separate eventually and Sally hugs each of us individually.  She’s not leaving for another two hours, though.  We decide to all sit down and watch one last movie together.  Sally picks ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’, and we make popcorn.  We’re all going to miss Sally.  But like I said earlier, she has to do what she think is best and we shouldn’t try to stop her.

I’m so, so sorry that I haven’t updated in forever.  I really didn’t know what to write for this chapter.  I’m desperate for ideas right now.  My writer’s block is so bad that I’m having trouble even writing the author’s note.  I’ll try updating every day this week.  I no longer have to go to my grandparents’ house on Tuesdays, and I convinced my mom to make it so my account doesn’t freeze at 11 anymore, so I’m able to write more.  Thanks for reading.  Love ya all- Amanda <3.

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