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Pen Your Pride

♥♥"A Heart That Beats For Two" ♥♥

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Have you ever experienced loving two persons at the same time? Then you'll realize someday that only one of them truly loves you as you do.♥


Kim Jeong Hoon(김 정 훈) as BayLee

Yoon Eun Hye(윤 은 헤) as Alleen

Sandeul(산들) as Andrew

Shin Min Ah(신 민 아) as Sasha

Shin Se Kyung(신 세 귱) as Daphne

★Introduction of additional characters on the next chapters★

-CHAPTER1: Unexpected-

●Alleen's POV●

School again! I'll see my classmates, especially me bestfriend - Daphne & we're on Junior High now. So excited, but I won't have much time to spend with Andrew. Aww. It's our first monthsary on the first day of school.

●End of POV●

Andrew surprised Alleen saying, "Happy first Monthsary" in advance. Alleen was so shocked so that she just smiled.. *PHONE RINGS* "Answer it", said Andrew. Then Alleen answered it, it's her mom who called. When their conversation ended, Alleen said, "I need to go Andrew, sorry.", "It's alright. you go. I love you!", Andrew replied & Alleen went home. The truth is, Alleen's mom doesn't want Andrew for her daughter, so when she knew that Alleen was with Andrew, she called Alleen home. "You'll be attending school in 3weeks, so don't go anywhere Alleen. Okay?", Alleen's mom said. Alleen just ignored her mom and went into her room.. The next day, Andrew went into Alleen's house. "Aleen's not here, so go away!", Alleen's mom said. Then Andrew was si sad, because he knew that Alleen was there. Alleen texted him, saying "I'm grounded for 3weeks. :( Sorry Andrew." After 3WeeKs, Alleen can finally see her classmates& her bestfriend. She was so excited to tell her stories to her bestfriend. They talked about their vacations, experiences, & especially their love life. "Yah! This was a great day! Bye Daphne! See you tomorrow!", Alleen said then hugs Daphne. After that, they went home..

●Daphne's POV●

Aww. Poor Alleen. Her mom doesn't want Andrew for her. I want to help her, but I don't know how.

●End of POV●

Few weeks passed, and their communication was wuth their cellular phones only. They're missing each other so much, but they have nothing to do with that, because of Alleen's mom. When Andrew tried to fight his feelings for Alleen, he just got humiliated by Alleen's mom. So he went home and said, "Mom! I won't give up!" his mom just smiled at him with a little worry in her face. Days, weeks, & months passed, Andrew's still there, not giving up.. Until his mom decided to talk to him and said, "Andrew, I know you love Alleen so much, but please don't let yourself left hurt. Know your limits, son." "Alright mom, I will..", replied Andrew with a smile...

●Andrew's POV●

Iwill never give up! I know Alleen's mom is just testing me. No one can stop me. I'll fight for Alleen 'till the end...

●End of POV●

Alleen texted Andrew.. "GoodNight Andrew!♡It's our 3rd monthsary tomorrow! I love you! Keep on smilin' dummy! IMYSM! :*" After reading that, Andrew smiled & replied. Then he slept....

In the morning, Daphne tried to hide from Alleen. Her plan was to surprise and then greet her bestfriend. Unfortunately, Alleen saw her already.. So she just hugged Alleen and greeted her. "Aww. You're so cute! You're planning to surprise me right? But I saw you aready.", said Alleen. *BELL RINGS* Then they went into their classrooms. Daphne noticed that Alleen was not alright, so after their dismissal she tried to talk to her.. "Yah! Chingu! Are you okay? I think you're not.", Daphne shouted. "Nope. You're wrong. I'm okay Daphne.. Goodbye! Takecare!", Alleen replied while tapping her bestfriend's head, but Daphne knows the truth that she's not okay. So she decided to go to Akken's hiuse after saying this to her mom.

●Alleen's POV●

Daphne seemed to notice me. I know I'm not okay & surely, Daphne feels this.. I'm missing Andrew so much. I want to see him, but mom doesn't want me to. :(( >_<"

●End of POV●

After doing her school works.. Alleen noticed that Daphne's outside their house, so she ran quickly outside.. "Hey Daphne! What are you doing here?! Come in!", she said. Daphne greeted Alleen's parents.. "Yah! Alleen you're not okay, right? Tell me. I know what you feel! ", Daphne exclaimed. "Alright! You got me. Yes, I'm not fone. I'm very sad chingu...", replied Alleen, & the she told Daphne the reason why she's sad. "That's what I'm thinking about..", Daphne said, with a serious face. Alleen's mom called Daphne & said that her mom needs her at home. "I need to go chinguya!~",Daphne said.. "Nae. Annyeong chingu. Takecare!", replied Alleen.

●Daphne's POV●

I toldya! That's why she's sad at school! Because of that punk! Actually, I don't want Andrew for Alleen also. I don't know why I hate him so much, but I had a bad feeling with that guy. Aish!~

●End of POV●

Andrew texted Alleen, saying "Yah! I won't give up! Fighting!~". Alleen felt so inspired and she'd forgotten her sadness. Suddenly, Andrew was outside their house again, she tried to go outside but her mom didn't allowed her to. "How many times would I tell you that I don't want you for my daughter? You're not the guy that fits her well. Go! Find another girl!"' Alleen's mom shouted. Andrew hopelessly went home.

●Andrew's POV●

What? Find another girl? I don't fit to Alleen well? Naah. That's not it. We love each other. I won't listen fron what they are saying! Like I said, I'LL NEVER EVER GIVE UP!~

●End of POV●

"Omma! Why are you like that to him?! You're too harsh! Aigoo!~", Allen said. "I should be Alleen. I don't want that guy for you. So please. Try not to fall for him.", her mom said. Alleen just ran to her room then bursted out crying.

The next day, Alleen wasn't alright again, because of what happened last night. Daphne noticed her again, then approached her, "Annyeong chinguya! What happened? Tell me." Alleen stayed silent. When break time took place, Alleen told Daphne what happened last night. She can't stop crying while telling it to Daphne...

Months passed, and Alleen's grades dropped off because of her breakup with Andrew.

●Alleen's POV●

I can't do this. He left me alone. He said he'll fight for me 'til the end. ;((((( But why?!?!

●End of POV●

"Alleen. I'm here for you. Don't let that punk affect your studies. Let him go! I want to teach him a lesson! Aaaaaish!~", Daphne said.

-End of Chapter1-

Hope you've enjoyed my story! Wait for the next chapters♥

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