Running with One Direction

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So... Like my profile says I'm just writing on this account! I basically wanted to say that if you would like to make me a cover I will love you forever!!! Anyway...




Ria's P.O.V.

"Wake up!" Ari shouted as she walked into Minnie's bedroom with me in tow. Minnie groaned as she covered her face with a pillow. Typical Minnie.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!" Ari began singing, or as I like to call it screaming. I quickly joined in on her fail of singing and set down a plate with pancakes covered on maple syrup, Nutella, whip cream, and bananas, Minnie's all-time favorite.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MINNIE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!" we finished screaming. By the end of our screaming, Minnie was already sitting up staring in a trance at her pancakes and lit candles. I knew it would work.

"Make a wish!" Ari rushed her. I began to laugh loudly and roll my eyes as Minnie slowly blew all 18 candles out individually.

"You irritate me," Ari pouted with her arms crossed while glaring at Minnie playfully.

"The feeling is mutual," Minnie said with her mouth full of pancakes. I scowled at her failure to use manners, and looked away.

"So did you like your party?" I asked. You see Ari and I through Minnie a surprise party at the beach yesterday, but today is her real birthday. She nodded quickly still scarfing down the pancakes. Damn! How does she eat so much, yet stay so tiny.

"I loved it!" she said as she finished her bite.

"Why wouldn't you? I mean look at all the gifts you got!" Ari said. I looked around Minnie's large room and it was covered with gifts ranging from nerdy books to huge boxes of makeup and I can't forget the One Direction. Ya they're hot, but I don't see why she loves them so much.

"And about the whole school population plus other high schools showed up!" I added. Long story short. Minnie is one of the rare people that would fit in every clique. She is beautiful, intelligent, bad ass, and captain of the dance team. That's where we all met, in dance. Therefore when someone says Minnie is throwing a party you better be there, or you're missing one hell of a night. And considering it was her birthday, everyone came with gifts no matter big or small. They all had gifts.

"So, I saw Joey Taylor gettin all up and personal with you last night!" I wiggled my eyebrows while smirking at her. Ari joined in and gave Minnie a look that said spill or I'll make you.

"Ya, but I only have room for one man in my heart and that's Niall Horan," she sighed dreamily after rolling her eyes at me and Ari. Ari gave me a pointed look, and I quickly nodded.

"Speaking of One Direction-" I began, but was rudely cut off.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Ari interrupted me. She quickly shoved a pink card towards Minnie, and began fidgeting anxiously as Minnie finished off her pancakes.

"Only a card?" Minnie said faking sadness after setting her plate on her bedside table.

"Just open it!" I rushed getting impatient. She slowly began ripping the card open.

"Why didn't you just give it to me last night?" she asked, but we couldn't answer because shortly after there was a scream. Then endless thanks you's. And last but not least, a fatal hug.

"Because we didn't want people calling the cops for a noise," Ari said laughing and I agreed. Minnie playfully shoved us, but still had her eyes on the tickets in her hand.

"We need to go shopping!" Ari decided. I gave her a curious look.

"Why?" I asked as I got comfortable on the Minnie's bed.

"We have 5 guys to impress in less than a week, DUH!" Minnie said as if it was obvious. I rolled y eyes and agreed. I like clothes.

Little tip! If you want Minnie to love you forever. Go to her house at 8 in the morning. Wake her up by singing or screaming at her. Give her pancakes caked in syrup, Nutella, bananas, and whip cream. Then give her a card which consists of 3 tickets to One Direction's final concert on tour.

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