The Chase for Shane

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*Sleep over at Kacey's*

"Kacey! You need a boyfriend!" screams Hannah. "Really?" questions Kacey. "yes! if we are ever going to go on our trip around the world when we turn 18, you need to pick a freaking guy!" she demands. Hannah is always on me about getting a boyfriend so i wont be forever alone. "shut up Hannah! she is waiting for a good guy!" scolds shaniah. Hannah and shaniah are my two very best friends.

Hannah is a tall, skinny girl with light brown hair that is majorly curly! she is always over because my step dad absolutely LOVES her. Hannah is always just walking right in as she owns the place but nobody minds because she always knows how to make an awkward moment funny by saying something totally out of the random like this one time when i was mad at my step dad cause he wouldn't let me go to her house and Hannah popped in yelling "unicorn" and we all couldn't help but smile and giggle. lets just say after that i got to go to her house.

"So I think we should all get jobs next year so we can all save up for the trip" Hannah suggests. we all love planning this trip even though we are only 15 ..well Hannah and shaniah are. i on the other hand dont turn 15 for another 3 months! "OUCH! shaniah why did you hit me!?" i wailed. "because i told you an hour ago to go get us drinks!" shaniah is always scared going downstairs in my house because last year someone broke in and she saw them and quickly called the cops. "shaniah there is nobody down there the alarm is on. plus my step dad wont be home til late." i said as i shifted my body on my bed to see my alarm clock. it read 8:45pm. as i slowly rose from my bed i stuck my tongue out at her and proceeded out my door.

Down stairs was dark as i slowly crept to the fridge and pulled out the strawberries and root beer for root beer floats and sugar coated strawberries for a snack since nobody had eaten since 6:00pm when me and shaniah made lasagna for my step dad and Hannah. My step  dad only cooks on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. we like to alternate so we both get the food we are craving. Saturday is pizza night because Hannah and shaniah are usually over to help eat all three pizzas.

After making the root beer floats and sugar coated strawberries i grab shaniah and Hannah's and bring them upstairs first. when i walk in my room they are too busy on the computer looking for what car they want to notice me. "hey y'all i made root beer floats and strawberries..." handing them there drinks they ignore that i am even there and race down the stairs for the strawberries i left on the counter. fallowing slowly behind them so i could grab my root beer float.

As i reach the bottom step i hear a knock at the door..

Thinking who in the world could be here this late. my dog Bubba starts to bark and growl at the door. Bubba catching my friends attention they meet me at the door stuffing strawberries in there mouth. standing there for a minute looking at one another thinking if it would be safe to open the door.

Then the knocking turns to banging as i turn the alarm off so i can open the door. i slowly open the door a crack when the tall man standing outside slams the door open knocking me onto the ground.

The guy is my step dad. he looks down at me with a concerned look "get up!" and he walks away into the living room laughing.

Hannah and shaniah quickly rush to see if I'm okay. "what is your problem!" i screeched.

A minute later my step dad walks over to us standing there above us as my friends carefully helped me up off the ground. my step dads name is Curtis he is about 6 foot tall and about 200 pounds. he has blue eyes like the ocean and blonde stubby hair. never before had i seen him like this. 

As Hannah and shaniah pulled me to my feet i seen a small baggy with what almost looked like ground up grass sicking out of his pocket. and something sticking out of his tight fist that i couldn't quite make out what it was.

Could he be high? Is my step dad on drugs? Confused I ran up the stairs to my room with my friends close behind me. Behind us we heard glass breaking in the kitchen and my step dad scream "Kacey get your ass down here!" Scared my friends and I grabbed our cell phones off my bed and headed into my closet and closed the door tight.

Sitting quietly ion the closet we all listened close to what was going on down stairs. "Kacey get your ass out here before i come in" as he started up the stairs. We heard him hit the top of the stairs i quickly grabbed my phone and dialed 911 and pressed call.

"Hello 911 emergency how can i help you?" the lady on the line said sounding calm as can be. BANG BANG BANG! is all i heard on my bedroom door. one of my friends must have locked the door when we all ran into my room earlier. " step dad is high and i need help he is trying to hurt me!" i hastily replied to the lady on the other line. the lady now sounding scared and on edge asked for the address and how many people were with me besides my step dad. my sky blue eyes filled with tears and i told the lady all she needed to know to help us and i hung up.

Minutes after i got of the phone..

CRASH! BOOM! BANG! is all i heard as my step dad broke my door open...

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