“What the heck are you doing here?” he sounded angry but his voice cracked a little bit as he was crying.

“I-I was just wondering.”

“Wondering what?”

“Umm…ok. I just wanted to know where you were going. That’s all.”

“That’s all?! What interest do you have in me?” although he was furious, I was surprised he didn’t get away. As usual.

“More than you think.”

“Oh yeah? Just tell me then.”

“Well Taylor, I think if you reflect well, you could see that we’re involved in the same situation.”

“Does it make any difference?”

“Matter-of-factly, yes it does. We can console each other.”

“Huh. Yeah, crying to each other will help us be stronger. Great phrase to say but in reality it makes you weaker.”

“I never knew you were like this.”

He looked me in my brown eyes. “Like what?”

“You’re very similar to Lee. No second chances. I think I discovered your character even more.”

In my surprise, he smiled at me. Yes, he smiled. I couldn’t resist that cute usual little smile so I just smiled back.

“Come sit.” He offered me.

I was amazed by his reaction, but I just accepted his offer and sat down on the bench near him.



I pointed a bright, shining star which was in the sky. “Do you see that?”

“Yes, it’s beautiful.”

“I know. Maybe I seem an idiot or something but whenever I see a bright, shiny star like this. I imagine it’s my personal star. And sincerely, things always turn out good when it shines.”

“Has anyone told you that you’re kind of strange?”

“Well…I have a lot of people to tell me that but I only accept it from people like you.”

“What do you mean with people like me? Am I different?”

“With people like you I mean. Cute, intelligent but has a special something.”

“Really?! Do you think that? I’m amazed.” He chuckles.

“Your heart is special Taylor.”

He just lowers his head down staring at the floor. I couldn’t see what he was doing as it was dark but I imagined he was blushing.

“I-I’m sorry.”

“For what?” I still looked at him but he’s still staring at the ground.

“For treating you badly. Too badly. I’m egoist. I’m strange; I only want people who understand me. I only listen to me and I-” I put my finger on his lips so he could stop.

“Shh Taylor. Didn’t anyone tell you that people make mistakes and that no one’s perfect? Well, I’m telling you now. I made a lot of mistakes Tay, and matter-of-factly, more than you.”

A big hug catches me instantly as I knew Taylor was sorry.

“I knew you would do this.” I say as I push back from the hug, still holding his hands.

“Do what?”

“Come back and talk to me. Maybe we’re not related by our looks but Tay, we’re blood related, I feel that you’re special to me in every way.”

“Maybe we better start from the beginning.”


A hug catches me instantly again. Then Taylor pushed back and tells me. “Welcome back from your vacation dear sister!”

I laugh but still continue our ‘first meeting’. “Yes dear brother, I missed you too much!”

“Me too! We’ll bring up the time we lost back. Don’t worry.”

“I’m sure we will!”

We both get up from the bench and decide to go back home. Apparently, Greta and Charles were still somewhere here as the car was in the same area as it was parked before. Then I could see a glimpse of them coming.

“Tay, I don’t want your apologizes but please apologize to Greta or mum.”

He just smiles.


The rain ticking on the window woke me up. It seems that it was going to be a dull day for London, once again. But I loved it. Last night, everything went great! I had another family, whom every person loves me not like before. I missed Taylor.

I get up from my bed as I’m not tired a bit. It’s still 4am but I have no sleep. I decide to make some hot chocolate in the kitchen.

“Not tired?” a familiar voice comes from behind my back. I turn around and see Kate.

“No, you?”

“Nope. Make me some hot chocolate please”


She sat down on one of the high stools we had in the kitchen.

“Scarlett, soon I need to go to the doctor and make a test to know if I’ll have a girl or a boy. Would you come with me?”

I smiled at her. “I’d be more than happy to do that Kate. More than happy.”

We made a small conversation as I got tired now and she as well. So we went to sleep. Well after all Christmas didn’t turn out to be that bad. Actually, I liked it, it was different yes, but I liked it!


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