--Skye's P.O.V.--

I woke up with Jayy's skinny arms wrapped around me. I really needed something to do with him, It's been about a week sense Sally left and he is still really sad. I sat up and checked my phone the time was 11am and I had two new text messages one was from Dahvie and the other one was an add saying 'Show this text message at the gates for a 50% discount' it was for an amusement park. That's it! I'll take Jayy to the amusement park. I got up and then walked downstairs to see Dahvie making breakfast.

"Moring" I said walking into the kitchen and sitting down on a chair.

"Hey Skye," Dahvie said "Want anything?"

"No thanks" I mumbled

"Jayy still sleeping?" He asked

"Yeah, Hey Dahvie are we doing anything today?" I asked

"Umm I Don't think so, I was going to see if I can find a new merch girl but that's about it" He said

"Okay, 'Cause I was going to take Jayy to the amusement park to get his mind off Sally" I said

"Aw I wanna go! But I have to find a new merch girl as soon as possible" Dahvie said walking over to me and setting his plate on the table and sitting down.

"Well I'm going to go get dressed" I said getting up

"Kay!" Dahvie said filling his mouth with food

I walked up the stairs and walked into Jayy and I's room and got out my Black skinny jeans, a red tanktop, and my black boots. I got dressed and then went to the bathroom and flat ironed my hair and teased it. Halfway through putting my makeup on Jayy walked in.

"Good morning" I said giving him a kiss.

"Hi" He said and walked back into our room. Not only is he sad but moody. I can't wait to get him out of the house. I picked out Jayy's outfit and threw it on the bed next to him.

"Get ready" I said walking back to the bathroom.

"Where are we going" He asked

"The amusement park" I said

I was expecting a complaint or something but instead he answer with a "That sounds fun"

I don't get him sometimes.


"Dahvie we're leaving now!" I yelled then opened the door

"Bye!" He yelled

Then Jayy And I walked to the car I got in the drivers seat and started the car. I looked over at Jayy and he was looking down at his hands and smiling.

"Why are you so happy?" I asked

"Oh I just was thinking about something" He said

"Okay" I said then drove off

About an hour later we were there and Jayy jumped out the car door and ran over to my side of the car before I could even turn off the car.

"What's wrong with you today?" I asked confused as fuck

"I'm just happy to do something I guess" Jayy said shrugging

We walked through the entrance and then Jayy asked me "What do you want to do first"

Well I made the most Giant mistake ever, I don't like fair rides so why the fuck did I come here? Well I can handle them but I'm so paranoid of them breaking or falling apart, I've seen news reports were people die and stuff from rides.

"Um I don't know you choose" I said looking up at him

"How about that one?" he said pointing at a ride. Fuck. Out of all the rides he chooses the most giant one there. Why do I have such bad luck? -_-

"S-sure" I said then he took my hand and literally pulled me to the ride.

The ride was really big and fast with loops and twist. Oh my god this will be terrible.

We walked into line and in about 5 minutes we were at the front.

"Where do you wanna sit?" Jayy asked

"How about right here?" I asked walking to a seat 5 rows back from the front

"Sure" He said and sat in the seat and then I sat down.

My palms were sweating and I couldn't sit still. Then I had a vision of Jayy and I falling off the ride, I can't do it.

"I can't do it Jayy!" I said hugging him

"Can't do what?" He asked

"I can't ride this" I said and then the machine started to click and the people started strapping everyone in.

"Jayy get me out I can't ride this" I said freaking out

"Skye it's okay" He said

"No! It's not okay get me out of this" I was scared to death now and freaking out

"Is there a problem here sir?" A man running the ride asked Jayy

"Uh yeah, Can my girlfriend and I get off the ride?" Jayy asked

"Yes. The exit is over there" He said pointing to a gate

We got off and walked outside.

"What's wrong?" Jayy asked giving me a hug

"Jayy I'm sorry, I didn't mean to freak out it's just that I don't really trust rollar coasters I have a fear of them" I said looking up at him through my tear smudged eyes.

"It's okay, Hey what if we overcame your fear!" Jayy said

"What? What do you mean?" I asked

"Maybe like Try the small rides and work our way up... If you want" He said

That actually was a great idea.

"Yeah!" I said smiling

"Why don't we try that one it looks simple" He said pointing to a little ride that looked like a little kid ride but oh well it's worth a shot

"Okay" I said this time I drug him to the ride

We sat down in the small seats and even though it was a kid ride I have to admit it was still kind of scary.

"Don't worry it won't be bad" He said

"Okay, But only 'cause I trust you Jayy" I said hugging him

Then 'CLICK' the ride started... Here we go!


Okay there you go an update! c: I hope it's long enough for you guys It took me like two days to write because I've been really busy this weekend and everytime I'd start writing I'd have to go somewhere or do something.... Next chapter will be longer, I'll probably update Friday night or maybe earlier? :o Well byeee!!!

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