Chapter Two: First Day

Walking down a twenty foot driveway should be nobody's idea of a great start to the day. Especially going to high school. I know what's expected of me to say, that high school is crappy, and that I can't wait to graduate. Sadly,I'm not that angst-driven and I actually enjoy school,just not so much the people.I was well out of breath by the time I made it to the bus stop. I gasped for some air wanting the burning to stop permeating through my chest.

"Hey,are you okay?" A girl from the bus bunch asked. She rushed to me and helped me in the direction of the on coming bus. I coughed some and cursed at myself for being so out of shape. The mysterious,yet, helpful girl sat next to me on the bus seat still checking to see if I was okay.

"Thanks for all your help." I smiled at her. She nodded and sat forward as the bus took off.

"I'm Lux," I whispered anxiously. I didn't know if she was exactly in the talking mood after helping a total stranger.

"Olivia, nice to meet you." She her hand out and I shook it lightly. Since when do people casually shake hands. Maybe this town was boringly polite than I thought. The ride to school was silent. Olivia and I barely spoke,only to muse over which class we shared for this semester. We finally pulled up to the pint-size looking school. I guess a pint size town makes a pint size school.

I received my parent information forms and took my seat in the back of my homeroom classroom. I felt like I was on display because everyone thought it was necessary to stare at the new girl. Guys ogled me,while the girls scanned my band tee and my boots. I rolled my eyes and pulled out my phone to text Jamie.

['Having first day jitters,wish u were here.']

I put my head on the table just wishing to disappear. I could have done that if someone hadn't rudely tapped on my shoulder.

"Yes,"  I lifted my head up and was presented to the exact definition of a blonde goddess. She towered over me a couple of inches and had bright green eyes that pierced into my skull. I would have to at least acknowledge her as beautiful if she wasn't fuming.

"You are in my seat."She seethed. I crossed my legs and swung them forward.

 "Well,I don't think they hand out assigned seats on the first day."

"It may be the first day for you,but it sure as hell isn't for me. Now,please, get out of my seat." This creepy smile crept on her face as she was feigning innocence.

"I don't think so, I can see a couple of open seats that you can easily sit in." And with that I whipped out my phone and ignored her and the class as I began to fake text.

This was going to be a long day...


Lunch was finally here. At the shock of my mother's news I forget to have breakfast. I combed through the different lines and realized there was nothing vegetarian to eat. That's right, no turkey for me on Thanksgiving. Even in Texas they had a option for vegetarians. I got on the junk food line and just ended up picking a bag of Doritos and a water.

I surveyed the cafeteria searched for an empty spot next for a big window for me to stare out of. Sadly, the drafted cafeteria knew such thing so I had to hide out in a new kid's favorite lunch spot besides the corner next to the window, the library. It was just as empty as I thought. The only inhibitors was the librarian and kids with very good study habits.

I took a seat behind one of the big bookcases and chomped down on my chips.I kicked my feet up and checked out some the titles that were in the case. Mostly some Stephen King novels and some other random authors that I didn't know of. I pulled out  'Carrie' and began to read.

I was up to the part when the popular guy asked her out on date when my phone buzzed.

['Miss U 2. Micah has been hounding me about scholarships and colleges. Now I hve no1 2 defend me : (']   Micah was his mother and what some would call very career driven. My mother on the other hand had been very fantasy driven throughout her entire life,so I was always able to dissuade her. Another tragedy from this stupid move.

['Just tell her that u know wat 2 do,and u dont need her 2 hound u all the time.']   I turned off my phone as the bell rang and I walked down the hall to my Spanish. I was the first to arrive at the class seeing as I had no one to stop to talk to in the middle of transition. Senor Ferra entered and anyone could see new that he was gorgeous. 'Why did he have have to be hot?'I said to myself. Now I knew we were never going to learn Spanish. I sat back and watched all the awed faces as all the girls walked in,and all the grimaces of disappointment from the boys. He introduced himself with a deep accent which made the girls go even more crazy. I shook my head and popped in my earphones and laughed at what a massacre of a fourth period it was going to be.


 I got home drained from the useless dribble they gave us and escaped to my new found sanctuary,my room. I turned on some music and padded down my feet. Yes, along with being a redheaded vegetarian I am also a ballet dancer. I look nothing like a dancer but I love it and I'm good at it. My mother thought it would give me an outlet to learn the art of dance. And for being a kook sometimes, she was right about this.

I warmed up for couple of minutes and then I was flying. I took to the air like a butterfly and twirled and contorted my body in any way that I could. I covered my room in small indents as I played out the song's meaning through my feet. I glided with a grin across my face as all my frustrations disappeared.

As I was coming closer to the the stairs I felt a creak as I jumped on of the wooden planks.I stopped and looked down to see that it had tipped open. I dropped to the floor and I pulled plank back more. I felt around in there if there was any secret jewels or old money.

Exactly mimicking how the day was going I was wrong.

It was a book...

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