Last Minute Switch

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Dan got a phone call in the plane.. We were bout an hour away from florida..

"Ok, alright thank you sir."

He hung up and he threw his head back and sighed.

"She's not at the hospital anymore."

"Oh my god Dan please tell me her father didnt take her."

"One of the training nurses took her to their house, Destery lives there too. Dont worry we have to go to the hospital and wait for them to come back.. Its fine Phil, calm your shit."

I sighed. The night sky was beautiful from up in this plane. Dan ordered our tickets to get home twenty minutes ago and it said they were good in a day.. So we're gonna need a hotel.

Lyniz POV

Mickey's house was beautiful. On the outside it was nice fence alot alot of trees, and flowers. You could tell girls lived there.

But when i walked in, video game and movie posters, action figures and the sound of loud video game playing... you could also tell boys lived here.


"What why is someone here its like eight and i have no pants on."

"She doesnt care"

I looked at her and she laughed at my expression.

"Is it my mom?"

Nathan walked down and smiled at Mickey and then looked at me.

"Dude who's she?"

"My name's Lyniz...."


Destery ran over and hugged me... still with no pants on.

"What are you doing here??"

"I was in the hospital and i live in florida soo.. haha"

"Why were you in the hospital?" A girl ive never seen before asked. She was kind of short with glasses brown hair, and brown eyes. She seemed nice.

"She doesnt want to talk about it, really its kind of private."

They all nodded but then Nathan pointed.

"Is it have anything to do with those bandages on your wrist?"

I nodded and then Nathan rushed and hugged me, followed by the other two.. these people were huggers.

"Dont do that again, please..." The girl who i rememberd name was BillieJean said.

I had been sitting and drawing a picture in their kitchen for about twenty minutes. The boys played video games and the girls watched me. "you're good at drawing.''

Destery pulled out a camera. "LETSSSS VLOG!"

"Whats a vlog??"

"Its like a video diary.. do you watch youtubers?"

"I havent been near anything with wifi for two years, but i used to watch Christian Novelli.. i love him."

"You dont know about Us? Or Dan and Phil? or Shane who you met!? We all have youtube shows and over two hundred thousand views per video, some a million.!"

"Oh my god, thats amazing."

"and well about a mllion people are gonna see your face."

He turned on the camera and all filmed us.

It was fun, destery and nathan were hilarious. but i barely smiled or laughed when i heard Mick's phone ring and her say

"Dan and Phil are here."

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