Chapter One- The Play

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“But Harry, I love you,” I said.

“I know Chloe, but we need to move on.” Harry said pursing his lips after he spoke.

There was a brief silence, and then suddenly the quiet moment broke into a loud applause. The curtains closed as me and Harry smiled at each other and he pulled me in for a hug. I broke out of his arms.

“Nice job,” I said.

“You too,” said Harry. Harry, my older brother’s friend and band mate was so gorgeous with his curly brown hair, perfect teeth and shining green eyes. “Well, I’ll see you later,” he added.

“Bye,” I respond. I walk away into the girl’s dressing room, finally getting off my itchy tight costume that made me look like a princess. I walked out when I was changed into a Jack Willis hoodie and a pair of dark jeans. I closed up my backpack and got out my phone, logging into twitter.

Suddenly, a huge force came upon me, collapsing me to the ground, dropping my phone. “Oh my gosh Chloe I’m so sorry,” A beautiful voice rang through the air. I glared upp at the fit figure.

“Gosh Niall, Watch where you’re going,” I joked. We just laughed quietly. He stretched out his hand, expecting me to grab it. I reached out and clenched his hand. He pulled me up in the air with ease. I almost toppled on top of him from the force he pulled with, but stopped myself on my tippy toes.

“Oh by the way, great job in the play Chlo” Niall said.

“Thanks,” I said blushing, this was unlike me. Niall was one of my best friends; did I feel something for him? I mean he was absolutely stunning and always made me laugh. I shook that thought from my head. “I… um… I should get going,” I started.

“Oh, well I was wondering if you wanted to go back to the tour bus with me and Harry for a little while and meet up with the guys maybe?”

“Sure, I guess I could spare an hour or two” I said grinning. “It’s not like we have school or anything tomorrow, it is Friday… Alright, I’ll come” I finally agreed with a smile. I followed Niall out to the car and hopped in, Harry joining soon after.

“Hey Chloe,” Harry said. His British accent rung in my head ‘Hey Chlo’ I thought to myself. I will admit I did have a little bit of a crush on him…. Just a little one…. Maybe…..

            Suddenly, Niall made a fast U turn. Harry and I ended up smudged against the window together. I closed my eyes from the rush. When I opened them, I leaned back and Harry patted my shoulder “You alright there Chlo bear?”

            “Yea I’m fine” I said laughing at his new nickname for me.

            “Alright guys, no more worrying ‘cause we’re here!” The adorable Irish boy screamed.

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