The Meeting

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Sophia was reading on a loveseat in their living room when Julian walked through the front door around 7 pm. She didn't look up from her book or acknowledge him, but she could feel that something was really wrong. The sire bond told her as much.

"Soph," Julian said, sitting down across from her on a large rocking chair. She refused to look up.

"Soph," His voice raised, "Sophia."

Sophia looked up, hoping her annoyance showed on her face. Julian stared back at her, visibly frantic. His hair stood straight up in some places and his blue eyes were wide and worried. Sophia sat up straighter and smoothed out her blouse.

"There better be an emergency, because we are not speaking right now," She said coolly, fixing a pin in her impeccable brunette bun. Julian let out an exasperated breath.

"We were seen Sophia," Julian said.

"By who," She asked, as her mood went straight from annoyed to concerned.

"I'm not entirely sure, but he sure as hell acted like a hunter," Julian ran a hand through his short hair. Sophia shut her book with force.

"And judging by your reaction I'm guessing he's found a new target," She said. Julian flinched.

"How did she even know? Isn't it a little early for you to do the big reveal?" Sophia snapped.

"She figured it out by herself," Julian replied.

"Smart girl," Sophia said, mildly surprised by this. Most people weren't open to the idea and denied the very obvious possibility that vampires were real. It made maintaining the masquerade much easier for everyone involved.

"Yeah, well her 'intelligence' put me a little ahead of schedule. We went to a restaurant in the town over with her parents and he saw her and they had this stare down outside of the bathrooms and now he's going to kill her. Fuck, Sophia what do I do?" Julian yelled. Sophia looked straight in his eyes and almost growled her response.

"Well I'll tell you what you're not going to do. You are not going to flee with your tail tucked between your legs. I will not stand as a witness to that."

"I wouldn't do that," Julian snapped defensively. Sophia let out a bark of humorless laughter.

"Right, Julian," She said. He scowled at the floor.

"I'm honestly just surprised that it's taken so long for one of your little conquests to become a target," She continued. Julian's scowl deepened, his eyes darkening with anger. Sophia would normally feel an immediate sense of guilt after being so harsh to him, but she was getting fed up with the way they had lived for the past fifty years.

"I'm normally very careful," Julian replied. He stood up and the rocking chair slammed against the wall behind it. Sophia pursed her lips.

"Accidents are unacceptable in this situation," She said. Julian exhaled in anger and started to stomp out of the room. His steps hit the wooden floor so hard that Sophia worried that he might break something or wake Mrs. Addison, who'd gone to bed early.

"Julian," She called out before he could get too far away, "I'll help you protect the girl."

"Why?" He asked, though it was clear that he already knew the answer.

"Because having a death on your conscience is something you do not want," She said stated simply. Julian nodded at his sister and continued out of the room. She heard him go up the stairs and into his room.

Sophia stood up and headed to her own room on the first floor of the house. She shut her white wooden door behind her as she walked in and made her way to her antique vanity. It was by far the oldest piece of furniture, and out of everything in the room it was her favorite. She sat at the accompanying chair and looked into her mirror. As always her face was devoid of any make up and there wasn't a hair out of place. Her blue eyes looked tired, and were far more dull than her brothers. She wore very plain and conservative clothes, carefully chosen not to draw any attention.

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