Roc- Kierst, can I talk to you?

Kierst- Can it wait?

Roc- Not really

KIerst- Okay, what is it?

Roc- Can we talk in private?

KIerst- Okay

I'm so nervous right now, how do I tell her that I had sex with another girl.

Roc- Okay, what I'm about to tell you is gonna hurt you much more than iit's gonna hurt me.

Kierst- I'm scared now, what did you do?

Roc- I cheated on you.

Kierst- YOU DID WHAT?!?!?!?

Roc- I said I cheated on you

KIerst- With who?

Roc- This hoe named Angel, when the boys were getting breakfast I bumped into her & she was looking all good & she was up on me, I was still mad about you kissing Prince.

Kierst- How could you do this to me?!? I loved you & this is how you do me?!? Really Roc? Do I mean anyhting to you or was I just a person you wanted to fuck then leave, was I one of those hoes?!?!!!

Roc- No, you mean everything to me I was just so mad that I wasn't even thinking about what I was doing. all I could think about at that time was you kissing Prince!

Kierst- Roc you really hurt me, I loved you so much!

Roc- Loved?!? So you don't anymore?

Kierst- I do but I'm tired of being hurt by boys that are supposed to love me & be faithful!

Roc- Kierst, can you forgive me?

Kierst- I need some time to think.

She walks into their room & Roc follows her

KIerst- What do you want?

Roc- I want you to forgive me!

Kierst- Roc, please give me some time to think?

Roc- Okay but can I stay in here with you?

Kierst- I don't care.

Roc- Okay

Everybody else POV

Somebody knocks on the door

Ray- Who is that?

Mani- Open the door & find out, dumbass!

Ray- You ain't gotta be mean! I hurt now!

Mani- Shut up & open the door

Ray opens the door. It's Diggy & this other chick that nobody recognized.

Ray- Wassup Dig?

Mani- Hey, cousin!

Ray- Cousin?

Mani & Diggy- Yes!

Prod- Sup, who is the girl?

Diggy-This Angel, she my girl :)

Everybody- Cool

Diggy- Where Roc at?

Ziya- In his room, I'm gonna go him & Kierst

Diggy- Kierst here? That girl fine ass hell!! 

Angel- What? 

Diggy- I didn't mean it like that

Kierst POV

I'm still mad at Roc but I know he really loves me & I love him. I forgive him, if I was him I probably would have done the same thing. I'm just happy that bitch ain't preganant :)

Ziya came in the room

Ziya- Aye y'all Diggy here.

Ziya leaves

Kierst- Alright we'll be out in a minute.

Roc- Soo, are you still mad?

Kierst- Yeah but I forgive you :)

Roc- Really?

Kierst- Yeah, I thought about it & if I was you I would have done the same thing but you gotta promise never to do it again

Roc- Cross my heart & hope to die, I promise

Kierst- Good, now give me a kiss

Roc- Gladly :)

They kiss, Roc deepens the kiss ten Kierst slips her tongue in.

They both pull back

Roc- Let's go see Diggy

They go in the living room where everybody else is

Kierst- Hey Diggy

Hugs him

Roc- Wassup boooy?

They do there handshake

Kierst- Who is she?

Diggy- My girl Angel


Oh shit! I can't believe she Diggy girl! I see Kierst eyes turn blood red with a image of someone dying! It's about to down!!!

Do you guys like? Picture of Angel on side :) Enjoy my lovess 

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