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Chapter 15

"And again," Ms Toures ordered me.

I mopped the sweat dripping in my eyes and bit my lip as I prepped for pirouettes. Ms Toures was demanding that I do at least five in a row. Four was my max but Ms Toures was determined that I'd be able to do more by days's end.

Sliding my foot out to second, I sucked my stomach in as hard as I could while trying not to scoot my bum out. I moved my foot behind me and plied. After making sure to spot the crack right above the mirror, I popped my my foot up into plie and turned as hard as I could. 1,2,3,4,5. I made it around 5 times but stumbled as I landed.

"I'm starting to believe this is impossible. I need a break from this pure incompetence," Ms Toures sighed and walked out of the studio.

"Need a break? You've been laying on your lazy bum the entire time I've been losing enough sweat to power the Hoover Dam..." I grumbled as I ripped off my ballet shoes.

"What was that Kendall?" Ms Toures suddenly popped around the corner.

"Oh I was just thinking out loud about how I need to tuck my bum in more for my turns," I gave her a cheesey smile. Ms Toures just gave me a look before walking away. My fake smile turned into me sticking my tongue out and giving her the finger. Cut me some slack, I had been here since 8 this morning and now it was close to 6. Nonstop dancing, which normally I would love. But it was all ballet. Ms Toures had decided that I needed more ballet training after my audition. I was still waiting on an answer whether I had made it or not. So basically I had been turned down since they were still "considering my scores." Sandra, who had audittioned as well, had been accepted on the spot. It was tough to swallow. I mean the London Contemporary Dance School was my dream academy and they said no to me. On top of that, they accepted my dance enemy Sandra.

Oh and Ms Toures decided to pull me out of the competition this weekend. Instead she wanted me to attent a convention the LCDS was holding near my town. She said it would be a second chance for them or another school to notice me. I think Ms Toures was just tired of teaching me and wanted to get rid of me.  Quite comforting.

So since I no longer had that competion, I no longer had a solo, and I no longer needed a song. Ed Sheeran's face seemed to crumble when I told him that, but I didn't know what else to tell him. He and One Direction had left after my audition last weekend to continue on with their tour. Right before they left Liam had tried to talk to me alone. I knew what he wanted to talk about--my bruises. I know Liam meant well, but I just couldn't. He didn't look happy when he left.

So now, I was back in the studio training harder than ever. It was Thursday. Yes I had school but I called in sick. Which wasn't a total lie. I had a little head cold going on...kinda.

By now I had caught my breath and dragged myself off the floor to ask Ms Toures if I was done for the day. I limped my way to my dance bag first to grab my knee brace from my bag then slid it on as I hopped my way to Ms Toures.  I was a huge fan of multi-tasking.

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