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POV Monica

For those who've been anxious about the fighting that has been going on between all of us, don't worry about it anymore. Everyone is on good terms now after all the commotion. I wish I could be dramatic and say that it took us all two months to be completely confident around each other, but really and truly, it didn't take that long. The only people who are still shaky around each other are me and Perrie. We still didn't like each other much, but we were at least improving: as in we've only tried to maim each other instead of kill. So, I do call that progress. Everything between Harry and I are completely normal, and things between Niall and I haven't changed either. Liam and I are okay as well, but he seemed more reserved from me over the couple of months. I hoped that it didn't stay like that; I also wished I could read his mind.

"Fact question." Harry announced to me, as he pealed a banana and took a huge bite. We were in the kitchen one Saturday morning, one of our break days. Right now, we were in another house hotel up in Venezuela, South America. Already, aside from Australia, we've been to New Zealand, Indonesia, China, Japan, the Philippines, Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Denmark, UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Egypt, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Hawaii, and now here we are. It's amazing how much we've done in a matter of two months. The best part was that I've already visited the places I've been dreaming to go to my whole life: Egypt, Greece, and Rome, Italy. I've always wanted to go to New York City, but we still have yet to go to the US. Actually, that was our next stop. We'd be in Texas. I wondered if I'd be able to see my family members if we got the chance. I chuckled to myself. Probably not.

The other thing I found funny was the fact Harry and I still played our Fact game from time to time, since the first day I've brought it up when we first met. "Okay. Shoot."

Harry thought for a moment. "What do you think you will be doing in 5 years?"

I looked at him. "That's easy. I'd be writing best sellers and be one of the best women architect and engineer in my time."


"Of course... and... finished." I set four bowls in front of Harry. He wanted to play a food game, so I suggested we'd do something along the lines of 'What Am I Eating.' Basically, I'd mix different foods in one bowl and he has to tell me what was in each bowl. Harry was blindfolded of course, so he couldn't see what I made. All he could do was use his sense of smell and taste. "Okay, I'm handing you the spoon now, so you can go right ahead to the first bowl."

He smiled then nodded. "Okay." He took a bite of the first food. "Um, so that's bell peppers-"

"What colour?"

He hesitated. "Red?"

"Okay, go on."

"Mm... Potatoes, strawberries, honey and-" He hesitated. "Garlic?"

"Sour cream." I corrected.

"So close!" He huffed. "Wait, strawberries and sour cream? God, Monica." I laughed. He was going to get me for that one.

"Okay, try the next one."

He put the spoon in and took a big bite. "Okay, mangos, left over fries from yesterday's supper, ham, ketchup..." A smile crept across his face. "Bananas?"

I laughed. "Good job." I pushed the next bowl in front of him. "Go on."

"Something crunchy this time... Potato chips, salt, garlic for sure-" He said, pointing to me. "Chocolate chip biscuits," His eyebrows scrunched into disgust. "Is that watermelon?"

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