Hi my lovelys!  This story is about a 14 year old girl who likes two guys they like her alot , But she has to make a decision and Fall head over heels with one guy and break the other ones heart. I'm kinda new with this! So if you like it comment and no hate! :D Hope you like it!

                                                                   Chapter One.

* Text * 

Joshua: Hi :)

Me: Hi

Joshua: What are you doing?

Me: Just singing and texting people. You?

Joshua: Texting people and jamming to some music.

Joshua is so sweet he talks to me everyday and doesn't fuss about it. Yet other guys won't even talk back to me. That's what I like about Joshua. Any girl would even be lucky to even have a chance to go out with him. I've know him for only about 2 years but it feels like forever! 

Joshua: hey me and some people are going to this party tonight wanna come?

Me: Uh sure , who's party.

Joshua: well actually it's not like a birthday party it's just a party. You down?

Me: Sure

 I know I haven't been to party's where you just dance and do things , But Joshua is gonna be there so why not. It should be fun. As soon as I heard a car horn I knew it was him. I quickly finished doing my curls and put on my blue earings. " You look nice." Joshua said with a grin on his face. I blushed while I got in the car. " Thanks you , You too!" He was wearing shorts , a white shirt and over that a blue buttoned baggy shirt , black convernse , with a great snapback. I felt so weird cause I felt like he dressed better than I did. All I was wearing was a pair of dark blue skinny jeans , a long red baggy shirt and under it a black shirt. My hair curled , dark purple heels , and obviously make up on.

While we we're in the car he turns on the radio and he scrolling thru the stations and one of our favorite songs come on ," Wanted by Hunter hayes." His eyes got so big and so did mine. He put the volume so loud that other people started honking at us. 

Joshua: And I just want to wrap you up , want to kiss your lips , I , I want to make you feel wanted!

Me: I wanna call you mine , wanna hold your hand forever and never let you forget it! 

Both: Yeah I , I want to make you feel wanted! 

Then after those lyrics he starts holding my hand. I was blushing like crazy , I pulled my hand away and moved my bangs to the side , It was definatly awkward now.

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