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josh and alice both stuttered, absoloutely speechless. "ooh, alice gotta new friend" chloe teased, "shutup, you fool" alice said aggresively, "alright sunshine, jheez" chloe said, the boys giggled at chloe's little sarcastic remark. "why don't we go and talk back up in my room,eh?" josh whispered in alice's ear, alice paused,smiled at josh nervously and nodded. they made their  way back to josh's room, "wooow, this is pure LUSHNESS!" alice said, josh chuckled "haha glad you like it...wanna drink babe?" alice looked at josh, she was fangirling SO bad inside "OMFG JOSH JUST CALLED ME BABE OMG OMG ASDFGHJK" she thought.."okay, calm down alice,just play it cool" she told herself" . "babe?" she asked josh. "yeah sure, thats what i call all my friends, the girl ones...obviously!" josh joked. alice and josh joked+talked for ages! "you know what, its SUCH a downer that you have a boyfriend." josh told alice, "wait, what? i don't have a boyfriend?! why would be a 'downer' anyway?haha" alice began to get what josh was trying to say to her, josh gazed into alice's eyes, he leaned in to kiss alice, alice was shocked, but she went with it. their lips clashed together. josh passionately kissed alice, he began to roll her over on the bed when suddenly niall burst through the door singing loudly, he was drunk. he saw the pair, he was shocked. "well well well, what's this then?!" niall chuckled, still shocked. alice sat up, "uhh,you know what they say, never say never." she shrugged, smiling. "YES! GOOD ONE! AAYYEEE!" niall shouted,slurring his words. then in came harry, bursting through the door, also drunk . "c',on nialler lets have a little sing-song!" they loudly slurred the words to gotta be you, when harry got to his solo, louis,liam,zayn,and the girls ran upstairs wondering what the hell was going on, "harry! what ARE you doing?! you're going to wake the whole hotel! now, i think should go to bed before you cause any trouble!" liam said firmly, "ayeeee liam, ya no, did you know, ya do no, that...""THAT WHAT?!" liam inturrupted niall. "that i really do you love you man, you're so amazing. and you're jsut so..BRILLIAM!" niall jokily kissed liam on the cheek. "alright, thats it! time for bed, these boys can waste their lives away with pointless remarks and alchohol but i'm not! c'mon girls...that includes you,alice." "awwrh, c'mon don't be a dick mate!" harry said to liam. "i'm not the dick, and i'm not bothering with this, goodnight."

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