~In the One Direction household~

It was a lazy day for the boys of One Direction. It was one of those rare days when they had a day off- to pretty much do whatever they wanted. Harry was, unsurprisingly, standing in the kitchen- making chicken curry for the boys, who couldn't manuever the kitchen to save their lives. Niall was standing behind him, peering at the food over his band mate's shoulder. His stomach was growling, just as it always was. Liam was rushing around the house cleaning- they had been so busy, the grime and filth was beginning to accumulate. At the moment, he was scrubbing on the bathroom- trying to clean the many questionable stains. Zayn was in his room, throwing out clothes that either did not fit, or he had already worn more than two times. Louis was being the most unproductive of them all. The boy, clad in  red pants and a striped shirt, was flipping through the many channels on their TV, trying to settle on something to cure his boredom.

He stopped flipping, however, when he came across something on the news. It was the flawless blond reporter, talking about a recent interview between the almost famous Kate Campbell, and international superstar, Mia Angelie Lorenzo.


The brunette boy's eyes nearly popped out of his skull at the sight. His mouth dropped open in shock. Never in his life had the Doncaster lad seen anyone interview Mia Lorenzo. In fact, at the MTV Music Awards, many people had been trying to get a mere hello from her. What made her finally show up to one?

"Lads!" Louis called to his band mates, scattered throughout the house. "Come in here! You have to see this!"

After flicking off the stove, Harry and Niall were the first ones to arrive- considering the kitchen was right next to the living room. They were quickly followed by Liam and Zayn- Zayn who was annoyed, and Liam who smelled of cleaner.

However, all annoyance disappeared once they saw what Louis yelled at them for.

"Teenage pop sensation Mia Lorenzo appeared on live on the Kate Campbell show the other day, and this shocking footage was gathered."

The screen flipped from the reporter to a scene on Mia and Kate.

"What do you think of the highly famous, One Direction?" Kate asked, crossing her legs. It wasn't hard to spot Mia's sudden aggravation. The boys could practically see her face twist up.

"I think they're...great..." Mia answered, her voice cold and flat.

The screen flashed back to the reporter, "It's certainly not hard to see that Mia Angelie Lorenzo is not a fan of One Direction. Could this be because she doesn't like competition? Or does she really dislike the band? And what will her own fans think of this? After all, I have heard many people saying that they want a collaboration between Miss Lorenzo and the boys of One Direction."

Louis lifted the remote, and turned off the TV- a look the other boys couldn't place on his face.

"A collab with her?" Zayn snorted, a frown upon his face, and obvious distaste in his voice. "Who would be so unfortunate as to do an collaboration with someone like Mia?"

Harry snickered a bit, "I can't believe that prude even stepped out of her house for one second."

While Harry and Zayn snickered, Niall look between the two. The small, Irish lad couldn't understand why they were talking so poorly of her. Sure, she might not have the best personality, but they were being quite rude about it.

Niall cleared his throat a little, "Come on, guys. Mia isn't really that bad. She's a really great singer."

Once again, Zayn snorted, "Great singer or not, the girl still has an ego the size of Australia. And don't you think she could've been a little nicer about her opinion of us?"

Is that what it's all about? Niall didn't bother voicing those thoughts, nobody would listen to him. He helplessly drooped his shoulders, and stalked back into the kitchen- being followed by Liam, who wasn't quite fond of their opinion of Mia either.

"They're being kind of unfair," Liam said, taking a seat on top of the counter where the chicken curry was sittinng. "Mia doesn't seem that bad."

Niall sighed, "Who knows?"

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