Chapter 52 - Despair

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Akane attacked them recklessly and Ken and Hiro had to help her out because her attacks were already driven by rage and revenge.

"Akane!" sigaw ko pero parang wala siyang naririnig. Her eyes were only following those two Shinigamis.

"Shit! She's out of her mind!"

Ken fought beside her and he was the one receiving all the attacks toward Akane's blindspots. Nag-panic naman ako nang tanggalin ni Ichiro ang gloves na suot niya.

"Look out!" I warned. "Don't let him touch you! You'll lose consciousness!"

Naging alerto naman sina Ken at Hiro kaya umatras agad sila pero hindi pa rin tumitigil sa Akane sa pag-atake. Ichiro used that upper hand and moved toward Akane. Agad kong sinummon ang bow and arrows ko. I was about to shoot but an explosion almost caught him and it seared the hem of his cloak.

"Don't touch her," Ken hissed as his yellow-green eyes glared at Ichiro but his presence was dismissed by Ichiro.

The other one sneered at Akane. "Is this your revenge, little girl? Your mother was way stronger even in the brink of her death."

I was beyond pissed for Akane and her Mom that I wanted to shut that Shinigami up. Natigilan naman ako nang bigla na lang napaluhod ang Shinigami na kaharap ni Akane. He writhed in pain as blood gushed down his chest.

"Do you want to experience that brink of death you were saying a while ago?" Hiro coldly said as he stood behind the Shinigami with his gun pointing at the enemy's head.

His green eyes were unsympathetic and he was radiating a killing aura while looking down at the Shinigami. Bigla akong natakot sa kanya. However, the Shinigami just laughed it off and all of a sudden, he was already behind Hiro.

"How impudent," he said. "You have no right to utter those words if you are too weak."

The Shinigami swung his sword toward his neck and something inside me just snapped. I released an arrow at him but my brows furrowed when I suddenly saw Akane and Ken in that direction.

"What the hell are you doing?!"

"Oh my god, Ken! I thought you'd be headless by now!"

Everything happened so fast. Akane managed to deflect the momentum of the sword but Ken was on that way so Hiro quickly kicked Ken on the leg, causing him to get out of balance and the arrow I shot impaled the Shinigami's arm.


"We just saved you, so shut the hell up," Ken said, cutting Hiro off. "At mukhang natauhan na si Akane."

Bigla namang lumitaw sa harapan nila si Ichiro kaya natigilan sila.

"Sleep, stupid kids," he said as he reached for them.

"No. You will."

Napatingin naman ako bigla sa likuran ko at tinira ni Reiji ang slingshot niya pero napansin siya ni Ichiro. He easily evaded the shot even though it was fasten than a bullet.

"Sorry, but I won't," sabay tingin niya kay Reiji.

Reiji's lips suddenly curved upward. "Fool," he said.

That was when I realized their plan. Riye was already behind him and she stabbed him in the side of the neck. He collapsed on the ground and I looked at Riye, bewildered.

"He's not dead," sabi ni Reiji at mukhang nakita niya ang reaction ko.

"B-but how?"

"She hit his critical nerve point," sabay turo niya sa sarili niyang leeg. "The carotid artery and the tissues surrounding it. It can cause unconsciousness."

Talk about the irony. The one who could cause someone to lose consciousness had passed out.

"Wait, Akane!"

Nagulat kaming lahat nang biglang sumigaw si Ken at paglingon ko sa direksyon niya ay napatakip ako sa bibig ko.

The Shinigami lifted Akane bu her neck as if she was just a doll. He raised his sword and we tried to attack him but he suddenly held her close. Hindi namin magawang i-target ang critical points niya dahil nakahawang si Akane.

He smirked. "Now those are the expression I want to see."

We couldn't do anything. He swung his sword toward Akane and I screamed Akane's name as I recklessly ran toward their direction.

"Stop it! No!"

Para namang biglang tumigil ang mundo ko. I kneeled as tears trickled down my face.

"Akane!" sigaw ni Ken at tumakbo siya sa pinagbagsakan ni Akane.

"Sorry, we're late."

My eyes drifted toward the woman who suddenly appeared, along with her comrades. They were wearing the similar tribal, Amazon-like clothing the Huntres leader wore when I saw her that day.

"We are the Huntres tribe, and our leader wishes to help you," she said.

Napatingin ako sa direksyon ni Ken at nakita kong buhat na niya si Akane papunta kina Hiro. When I looked at the Shinigami who almost killed Akane, he already turned into . . . ice.

I didn't know what exactly happened but a whip encircled his arm and it was instantly covered with ice. The Shinigami was surprised for a second but his surroundings started to froze and within a second, he became frozen. His arm shattered and Akane was released from his grasp.

Nakahinga ako nang maluwag nang makita kong kasama na nila si Akane at inaasikaso siya ni Riye. Tumingin ulit ako sa babae at ngumiti ako sa kanya.

"Thank you—"

Nagulat naman ako nang bigla niya akong sampalin. My cheeks throbbed painfully and my right ear was still ringing but I just looked at her, dumbfounded. Her crystal blue eyes looked at me and it felt like my whole body was freezing.

'If you really want to save your friend, then save her at all cost. Your tears won't rescue her from death. We're in the middle of a war. You are not allowed to show your weaknesses, even for a second, because that will cost you your life. Do you understand? So wipe your tears and fight like a warrior.

Pagkasabi niya no'n ay agad din siyang umalis at sumunod naman sa kanya ang mga kasama niya.

Riye ran toward me and she asked me about what happened but I just smiled at her even though my cheeks was still hurting.

"I'm okay," sabi ko sa kanya. "She just woke me up."

"Nee-chan . . ." she called and I could see the worry in her eyes.

"Kumusta na si Akane?" I asked to avert the topic.

"Ah. She's fine. Nawalan lang siya ng malay."

Pumunta kami kung nasaan si Akane at inisip ko ang sinabi ng Huntres na 'yon sa akin. She was right. I must fight like a real warrior if I wanted to save my friends. I could still feel her blue eyes staring right through my soul.

Even though I don't know she is, I'm still thankful. I will fight with all my life to protect my loved ones.


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