FMLYHM - Part One.

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I run my hand through my long damp hair, sighing heavily before I grab a towel and wrap it around my warm body

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I run my hand through my long damp hair, sighing heavily before I grab a towel and wrap it around my warm body.

I thought maybe trying to burn the thoughts from my mind with scalding water might work, but it hasn't.

God why did I kiss him back? That asshole out of all the fucking people in the world.

He's my little brothers idiot best friend, his room mate for fuck sake, I've known him since he was a kid playing football with my brother in the back yard, I use to drop them off at school - what the hell is wrong with me.

Not to mention I can't stand that arrogant little twat, that smug and cocky attitude of his, we can't be in the same room without wanting to kill each other, there's always tension you could cut with a knife when we are forced to be around each other.

The only things to leave our mouths are usually snide or spiteful remarks, or in his case - disgusting sexual comments just to make me uncomfortable, it's been that way for the last eight years - it's like as soon as he hit puberty he became a total deviant little asshole.

He's lucky I even agree to be in the same city as him after what he did that night, he's lucky that he and my brother managed to survive it. The rest weren't so lucky.

He's reckless and god damn selfish.

I swear I hate him.

So I have absolutely no clue how a night out at a club with my friends, ended up with me being shoved against a wall by a furious Harry during the middle of one of our typical screaming matches, completely silenced by his lips slamming into mine.

I squeeze my eyes shut as the images flash in my mind of my hands gripping firmly in his long hair, the memory of his running all over me like I was unexplored territory and they were trying to take in every inch. It was explosive, animalistic even and I hate myself for it.

This is such a mess.

He was the last person I expected, or wanted to see there.

I high tailed it out of there with out so much as a goodbye to my friends as soon as my brain registered what was happening, realised I was kissing him back just as desperately as he was me, I haven't kissed anyone since I left Tom and that was a year ago.

Tom was the safe consistent bubble in my life, he was well mannered, old fashioned and his idea of a fun night out was discussing the stock market - he wasn't exciting, but he was familiar.

We'd been together since the end of highschool, and after twelve years you just fall into a routine with someone without considering it it's what you actually want any more.

Unfortunately for Tom, I did consider what I wanted, it's an inexplicable feeling when one day you just walk through the front door and look at the man you've spent over a decade with and realise you aren't in love with them any more.

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