Chapter 3

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I'm blaring music running around cleaning, fixing my hair, fixing my makeup, and spraying ferbreeze. Harry was going to be here any minute and I have no idea what we are going to do. Then there was a knock at the door and I froze in my tracks. I dove for the laptop, shut the music off, threw the ferbreeze somewhere in a corner, ran towards the door, and flipped my hair one last time before I opened it.

"Hello." Harry says with a smile.

"Hi. Come in!" I say opening the door wider so he could walk through. "I haven't been able to decorate it or anything yet so it still looks...blah."

"Oh it looks fine. So what do you want to do?" he asks grabbing both of my hands.

"I don't know. What do you want to do, your the one who wanted to come over." I'm trying to act cool and casual but inside I am almost dying because a smoking hot celebrity is holding my hands.

"Well we could...." and he pulls me closer to him, wrapping his arms around my waist. OMG... sex? I just met him, but hes so hot! As he is pulling me in closer and closer I start to warm up to the idea, but then he finishes, "get to know each other better." and i like that idea too.

I lead him over to the couch and we sit. "So what do you want to know?"

He lifts up my legs and sets them on his lap. "Everything... but let's start out with where you're from."

"America, obviously. You can probably tell by my accent. But from a state called Maine, I don't know if you know where that is, but its a little state nobody cares about or even acknowledges unless they need lobster."

"And how was that?" he asked me sort of hugging my legs.

"Well I lived in a small state, in a small town, in a small house, with a small amount of money, and a BIG family. I have five brother and one sister. Since the boys basically ruled the house my sister, Emma, and I became best friends. She is only a year younger then me so we could relate to a lot of things going on in our lives. I miss her a whole lot." I say setting my hands on his.

"What about hobbies? Do you like, play sports? You look athletic." he says staring into my eyes trying to figure me out.

"Oh yeah, me and my whole family are into sports. I played basketball and soccer. What about you? Did you play any sports?"

"Football...well soccer...or whatever. So let me guess, you are in London on a sports scholarship for some special training to play in the olympics." I laughed. "That's not it? Then why is a small town girl with not a lot of money in London?"

I sighed. Should I tell this almost total stranger my life stuggle? I already told him enough information about my life for today, I don't think he needs to know everything right now. "I have just always wanted to come here and I finally had saved enough money to come." And it is not a lie.

He doesn't say anything. Doesn't tell me anything about himself. Doesn't do anything, just sits there. "What are you doing?" I ask sort of giggling.

"Just looking at you." I smile and blush. "You have a beautiful smile." he says smiling himself.

"You do!" I say gently pushing his shoulder. We both laughed a little and then Harry started leaning in. I am freaking out in my mind, but I start leaning in too. And we both lean right into a kiss. He takes one hand and wraps it around my side and the other is wrapped around my leg. He lifts me up a little and pulls me closer to him. I lift my hands and run them through his curly locks. He brings the hand that was holding my side up to my cheek but the other one stays locked around my leg.

We keep pulling each other closer. He is making his way up my leg and I'm sticking my hand down the back of his shirt. He takes both of his hands away and starts to unbutton my shorts but then... his phone rings. I start to pull away but he continues on. We aren't kissing anymore. "Just leave it" he says, moving his mouth up to behind my ear and down my neck.

"No, Harry. Take it." I say as i reach down for his hands to stop trying to undo my shorts. He finally pulls away and fixes himself. I rebutton my pants and he reaches for his phone in his pocket.

"Hello?" he says angrily. "I'm fine....yes, I'm with somebody....well where are you guys?....Oh Jesus....I'm coming, I'm coming!" He hangs up the phone and I pull my legs off of him. "I have to leave, I'm sorry. The boys have been looking for me all over the city. We are preforming at the Olympics in a few days and everything needs to be perfect. So we gotta like rehearse. I will text you or call you are something. I promise!" He kisses my forhead and heads for the door.

I just sit there. What just happened? Did I almost go all the way with Harry Styles? Am I on Punk'd or something? Nope. My life is just fucking awesome.

Then I get a text.

Harry: I'm sorry I had to leave. Another time maybe?? xxx :)

Me: Yeah anytime. Seriously... ANYtime ;) haha

Harry: I will take you up on that offer! Tomorrow wanna go somewhere?

Me: Sure, where?

Harry: I'll surprise you... ;) xxx

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