*Jeslyn's P.O.V*

It was silent for the whole walk, we didn't say a single word or look at each other, Jaden must be really upset with me...and I didn't know what to say either, what if our parents were right and we're not meant to be together?, well as soon as I get home I'm probably going to be grounded for the rest of my life or at least for a while and this is bad because my 16th birthday is coming soon...and now they probably won't let me do anything for it.

Jeslyn: I can go on by myself from here now!

Jaden nodded.

Jeslyn: Well...See ya!..

He Walked off without saying anything, yep he's angry at me, I knew it, I could tell by the look on his face before he walked off. I made my way home, as I got closer to home my heart started beating faster as I got scared of all the trouble I would get into...I took my hands out of my pockets to knock on the door, my hands were sweaty and were shaking this is how nervous I was...then I heard someone coming closer to the door!

Maria: Jeslyn! Where have you been?

I didn't answer I had nothing to say, my face was straight and serious, she grabbed my hand and took me to the living room where I found Will, Jada, Rose and my dad...great more people to ask me questions!, they all stared at me with a relived face...I quickly went to the kitchen and got a glass of water then my mom told me to sit down, she was also smiling at me. Why are they treating me like this? as if I have some sort of problem?

Rose: You don't know how happy we are now that you're back!

She smiled and hugged me.

Maria: Yes, we got really scared that something bad had happened to you or Jaden!

I Nodded and and took a sip of my water, before I could swallow Jada asked me a question...

Jada: Jeslyn darling, do you know where Jaden is?...

I didn't know whether to tell the truth or not....I thought of everything that happened before I came home and if I told them where Jaden was he would hate me more! so I decided not to, I took another drink and answered

Jeslyn: No I don't...

My voice sounded so weak...I felt my eyes getting watery and I quickly ran upstairs, not noticing that I dropped the glass of water on the floor, I didn't know why I was crying though...I went to take a shower and put some nice home comfortable clothes on, I slowly walked downstairs again, I heard them talking so I stopped to hear their conversation.

Maria: Don't worry Jada, we'll find Jaden!

Rose: Yes, we will, we just need to let Jess calm down a bit more before we start asking her to many questions!

Will: Yeah you're right!

Maria: Yes, Jeslyn does know something about all of this... I know when she's lying!

I shook my head and carried on going down the stairs, I was really hungry so I made myself a sandwich and got some other snacks too, I ate in the kitchen, I didn't want to be disturbed with questions while eating, as I ate I decided that I was going to tell the truth as soon as they asked me questions, it was the best thing I could do right now! I put my dishes in the sink and I walked back to the living room, everyone smiled at me as soon as I walked in, that kind of freaked me out, I guess they were trying to seem "Extra" nice so I could be honest with them.

Jeslyn: Umm...guys, sorry about earlier...I'm ready to answer questions now!

They looked at me shocked

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