Here I was infront of Ashley’s palace 6789 hours later-note the sarcasm. She was my best friend that was most likely richer than the queen.Her parents owned a glass company and they earned over £50,000 a month! Didn't realise windows and glass was so popular,there not even that useful! But anyway, she had the biggest house on her street.It was pure class,she even has her own netball court! She was amazing at netball, she was brainy, she had everything.Sometimes I wish I were her.If she wasn't so kind i would be very jealous of her but I've known her since kinder garden, and since then i have never heard her brag about what she has,or how much money she has. She liked to keep a low profile of herself and tried not to get attention. She wore casual clothes, not that she couldn't afford GUCCI or those famous,and most expensive pointless clothing. She hated people like that, and she was the total opposite.That's what I liked her about her the most. But apart from all that, she was THE best friend,she was always there for me, and whenever i needed help, she solved my problems, she was one of those friends that if there was a bullet coming towards me, she would jump in front of it to risk her life for mine.

Their butler-Zachary recognised me for as I practically live here anyway and he invited me in through the gigantic black,electric gates. Carrying my suitcase behind me i sluggishly walked up her path way. Oh lord, please let me have luck.

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