chapter 3

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Damon's Pov

Let’s go back.

Let’s go way back before this whole scenario happened. I mean it wasn't my intention to kiss her. But it was so tempting; I couldn't hold myself back any longer.

But I should have stopped myself, because I had just committed suicide. 

Not that I had killed myself and was now a ghost and all, but that I had just made the worst mistake of my life.

There where rules to follow. But I've never been much of a rule follower, I was a rule breaker.

I was given 3 rules, 3 simple rules that I should never break. 

1st- never, no matter what, have human contact with the opposite sex.No matter how attractive nor bizarre they may seem, you must never fall for one.

2nd- Don't ever tell anyone what you are; the consequences will be high and highly intolerable.

And lastly. 

3rd- You must not be seen using your power; it will only bring horrible things. You have to resist, no matter how tempting it seems.

Well so far I had only broke two of my three rules. Number one ( I had kissed Nadia) and number three (Nadia had seen me )

Why do I have these rules? Because I’m different, I am human though. Just not ordinary type. I was born about 56 years ago while Halley's Comet passes earth.

I was an Addonexus; it wasn't such a bad thing you know. Just the fact for those rules and that I only got to live till I was 75.

That is because that’s the time it takes for Halley's Comet to pass by earth again. I was born the day it came and will die the day it comes back. And then a new Addinexus will be born. I hated every bit of it, my life was horrible. I couldn't do anything.

I hated being restricted, and most of all not being normal was eating me out.

I would sometimes think why me, why couldn't it had been someone else to have to carry this burden. I didn't care about the powers; I would give it all up just to be normal, to have no worries. I wanted to fall in love, be with a girl and have a nice family with a few kids.

But none of that was possible, if I got a girl pregnant, that baby would die right after it was born. It was such a complicated thing; I didn't even get the point of it all. 

Was there really any purpose for all this? I believe not.

Getting up from the couch seemed almost impossible, it’s as if gravity had gotten ten times stronger and wouldn’t let me get up. I had fallen asleep here after I got home from skipping school around 2 am. I had gone out to a bar and drank as much as I could handle until I had become completely wasted. Later that night I had walked all the way home and crashed on the couch, I was too drunk to make it to my bed.

Finally being able to get up from the couch I ran to the bathroom, the horrible feelings of a hangover where coming over me. My head felt as if was being stabbed and the sensation of throwing up was killing me.

Twenty minutes later, after I had vomited my brains out in the bathroom, I decided to clean the house up since it was a huge mess. The house hadn’t been cleaned in over 3 years, the dishes weren’t done, neither was the laundry nor anything else.

After the death of my parents I just let everything fall to the back of my mind, as I did to every unimportant thing. I usually ordered food and washed the clothes I needed in that exact moment .I was a huge mess, my life was a complete and total disaster.

Getting back to the whole cleaning my house thing, I called in one of those house cleaners I found in an online page. Once they were here I told them what needed to be done and I left. I dint feel like staying home while my house was disinfected from my "incredible" living manners.

I didn’t have the car, I had left it in the bar last night, I decided to walk to the mall. I wanted to get new clothes; maybe I could change up my look a bit. Getting money wasn’t a big deal for me , my parents had a huge company , I didn’t really know what it was about all I knew was that I got 40,000$ a month . So yeah I did have money, I just didn’t spend it in a reasonable way.

The mall was just a block away now when I spotted a familiar face in the distance, It was her, It was Nadia. I could see her red hair from a mile away. She was wearing a pair of shorts and a purple spaghetti strap shirt. Simple yet cute, I liked it, I liked it a lot. I saw her going in the mall and decided to follow her around; I mean I had nothing better to do right.

This wasn’t wrong, of course not, it’s perfectly normal to go follow someone around the mall. Who am I kidding, if anyone heard me they think I’m a complete creep who goes stalking random people? Whatever, it’s not like I would care anyways.

I spent most of the day looking and walking around (definitely not stalking Nadia pshh) . I saw her try on about 30 dresses before she made up her mind and decided that she didn’t even like dresses. I had overheard her say that the ball, masquerade ball to be exact, wasn’t a big deal. That she didn’t need nor wanted to attend, it was her mother who was making her go, she had no intentions what so ever ongoing.

I can’t believe I was following her around for most of the day. It might sound weird but they way I saw it was totally different. I took that opportunity of following her around to learn more about her, she intrigued me.

She had captivated me; I was under her spell from just one look. All I knew was that she was not going to get out of my mind. She was the girl I wanted, the one whose rare beauty had caught my eyes. The one with the strange hair color, the light green and hazel eyes .The girl who’s not afraid to speak her mind yet holds back a mystery.

Am I seriously falling in love, or is my head making this up to give me a purpose to live for?

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