It had been two weeks. Two weeks of savaging, two weeks of pain, two weeks of torture. Andy walked the suburban streets towards her house. Her dad was never home anymore; always in New York or Texas or some other state. Never home.

He arrived at her house but it wasn’t deserted. There was a moving van and cars and…Nina…

Andy ducked behind a fence and watched. The front lawn was lined with boxes. What was happening?

“Dad, really?” Nina couldn’t believe it.

“I’m sorry Nina, but it’s for the best. You’re nearly seventeen; you’ll be fine. You said you wanted to come home.” Her dad hauled another box outside.

“I wanted to come home to stay with you not to live by myself while you moved to Texas.” Nina followed him outside to the front lawn.

“You cheated on mom. Didn’t you? This is why you’re moving. To live with her!” Horrified didn’t even cover what she felt. Betrayed.

“Nina, you know it’s not like that. She cheated on me too.” He glared at his daughter.

It was true. Why? Her dad cheated on her mom. Andy cheated on her. Why does everyone she love cheat on her.

“I’ll see you at Christmas.” Her dad climbed into her car and drove off leading the moving van.

Nina was finally alone. Her mother was dead, her best friend was lost and her father left her to fend for herself. Sadly she picked up one of her own boxes from her cousins and carried it inside.

He left. He left her. Like that.

Ager rose from Andy. It was hot rage; pure hot rage.

He snuck up onto the lawn ready to pour out to her every angry thing he ever felt about her father. But it melted away when he finally saw her in the doorway just staring at him.

He stared back.

“What are you doing here?” she was wounded; he could hear it.

“I…I want help you…th-this boxes look heavy.” Andy made a hasty excuse and picked up one of the boxes.

“I don’t want your help.” She hissed snatching the box from him and dropping it in her frustration. She had told him to stay away from her. And now here he is after knocking up Kelly and he thinks she’ll just accept him. Guess again.

“You still have this?” Andy was calmer than he should be. He picked up the photo that caught his eye from the spilling of the box.

“I could never throw it away…” Nina whispered.

Andy smiled at the photo. Memories. Happy memories.

A buzzing came from Andy’s pocket broke the silence that had fallen between the two.

“Hello?” Andy answered his phone.

“I have news D.” Kevin spoke on the other end. “You were right.”

“I was right about what?” Andy asked confused.

“About Kelly. The lying bitch isn’t pregnant. She’s faking. Something about not losing you now that she has you.” Kevin explained.

“I knew it.” Andy smiled. A weight was lifted. He felt free.

“What? What’s happened?” Nina leaned in towards the conversation.

“D, who’s that?” Kevin heard her.

“No one. Thanks Kev.” Andy hung up and looked back to Nina. His beautiful Nina. “Kelly’s not pregnant.” He smiled a little. He felt happier. After everything that news has been the best he’s had in months.

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