'Just Friends' Part 3

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A/N Hey Everyone! This is my first story here on Wattpad and you can give my a couple of ideas on how you want the story to go if you want and please comment and vote!!! Tnx!! ;-)



'Bella! Eimear! You will never guess what happened in Home Ec!'

'What!?' they both said.

'Chris asked me out!'

'No way!'they squeled.

'Well it's not really a date, I 'm just going over to his to expeirement with smoothies for an assignment..' :-\

'Elena, that's not exactly a date!' Eimear excalimed.

'It's a start!' I whimpered.

'Ok, ok calm down El, we're just re-assuring you.'

'I know it's not a date but mabey if it goes well on Saturday I might land one..'I suggested.

'Will ye come over tomorrow to help me get ready?'

'Of course we will' they chirped.

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