Abbie's POV

We sat down on the picnic mats. I couldn't stop looking at Andy! Wow. So we kind of just sat in a circle and talked.

"What are your names?" Asked Andy. "I'm Abbie, this is Yasmin, that's Megan and this is Lauren." "What are you beautiful girls doing here then?" Asked Joel. "We decided to come on holiday here. Well we were gunna go to Ayia Napa but that's next year now!" Replied Megab. "Ah! So who are the party animals? Who would get hammered on a night out?" Said Ryan. "That would definately be me and Lauren!" I said. We all laughed. "And how old are you?" Asked Adam. "We're all 18. Abbie is the oldest, her birthday's on Christmas day! The day after Adam's! Then it's me, then Megan, then Yasmin."

We all got into individual conversations. Lauren talked to Ryan, Yasmin with Adam, Joel with Megan and I was talking to Andy.

"So where are you from?" He asked. "I'm from Crowthorne. It's kind of near Reading." "Aha. I like your accent by the way! It's an Adam accent!" "Haha I like yours! Let's swap!" We both laughed. "So how long have you been a fan?" "I heard from a friend about you and it started from there. The other girls went to see The Wanted so they saw you there. I sound like a real fangirl now, but I have watched like all of the Lie ins and hometowns! Me and Lauren actually filmed a Hometown video in Crowthorne! It's not that good though. Sorry I'm talking too much. Feel free to shut me up." "Haha, no it's fine. I like it." He said giving me a cheesy smile." " Don't give me that smile." I said laughing and pushing him by his chest.

I was having a great time with Andy. He was so cute. "Do you want to go for a walk? Down the street?" He asked. "Yes! That would be nice!" He got up and pulled me up by my hands. Blimey his hands were soft.

Megan's POV

"When did you hear about us?" Asked Joel. I think I stopped breathing! His eyes sparkled and his smile was perfect. "Um me and Lauren went to see The Wanted. We absolutely LOVED it!" I said with a massive smile on my face. "Early fan!" He said putting on his sunglasses. "Oh my god I have them too!" I said pulling out my sunglasses from my bag. We both giggled. "Joel, why are you so fit?" I said laughing. "Why are you so beautiful? Especially as you're in bikinis!" He replied, scraping a piece of hair away from my face.

"I probably wouldn't normally wear a bikini, but.. I'm on the beach so yeah." I said nervously."And why don't you like belly buttons?" I teased.

"Can I have your number?" He asked winking. "Changing the subject! Haha you'll have to catch me first!" I said standing up and running towards the sea. He ran after me. I felt his arms circle around my waist. We were both out of breath and he rested his chin on my shoulder. "Naughty!" I said in a funny voice and pulled away. I walked slowly into the sea. I felt a cold sprinkle of water on my back. "Oi!" I shouted splashing Joel again. He came close and kissed my cheek then suddenly splashed me again. "You fell for it!" Joel said laughing. I put my arms around his neck and he squeezed me tight.

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