'Just Friends' Part 2

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The first day of school was a haze of confusion.I kept getting the classes wrong and was forced to ask tall strangers for help.


'Now,welcome class to Home Economics.I am Mrs.Field,your teacher.Now I am going to put you into pairs,and they will be your pairs for the rest of the year.'

'Ok, first pair is Eimear Mahoney and Bella Range.Second is Matt Damon and Sara Shields.Third is David Terry and Jack Evans.And last but not least is Christipher White and Elena Pierce.'

Did I hear it right?Did she just say me and Chris?!!! Oh God this is my chance.

Everyone was bustling, moving to their new seats.Oh God he's coming this way.What do I say?Will I smile at him or just put my head down?

'Hmm isn't it just typical that the boy and girl who have been in the same class since juniors end up paired together in Home Ec?' he said with a little smirk on his gorgeous face.

'Um is that a trick question?' I asked half messing half lost.

Then just as I was going to begin a propper conversation,Mrs.Field broke the moment when she said 'Ok now, your first assingment is to figure out a delicious recipe for a smoothie including chilli, strawberries and rosemary. You will have to get together after school to exepierement with your smoothie and-' (BRRRIIINNNG)

'Oh ok there goes the bell, see you tomorrow.'

'So you free Saturday?' he said.


'For the assignment, so you free?'

'Oh yea, sure'

'Great! Call over to mine around 7 ish k?'

'Um yea ok sure'

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