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I don't know what's going on. All I know is that there's a strange girl holding a knife on us. I trie to keep it calm, but my heart is bouncing so hard, I feel like it's gonna burst out of my chest. "W-who are y-you?" I ask, scared of her reaction. She giggles, in a very creepy way. "I am Lydia." I am in shock. Anthony was right all along. I should've listened. I feel guilty. Maybe, if I would've called the cops or something, this never happenend... I see the fear in Anthony's eyes. We both know how bad this is. We've been warned that someone could find us. We did'nt care. We thought; "Wich sick minded person would even consider that?" Guess we found out. I know that this might be the end. I don't want to get killed by a crazy hater. Why is this happening? Why?


This is'nt happening. I look at Ian. He's scared, just like me. He's in deep thoughts. Lydia looks crazy. "How about making a video?" She says. I'm in shock. Where is this going to? "You, get the camera." She points at Ian. He does'nt respond fast enough. She takes the knife and holds it on his cheek. She screams. "LISTEN TO ME DAMNED!" Ian's eyes look like he's gonna pass out. "I-I'll get it for you.." He whispers. "Good. Hurry up!" She walks to the kitchen and pulls out a second knife. "Stay there!" She says the me. Ofcourse. I would'nt dare to move. Ian comes back holding our camera. "Great. Put it somewhere they can see all of us." Ian sets the camera up on the dinner table. "Turn it on." Ian does exactly what she wants. No wonder. The light of the camera turns on, wich means it's recording. "Today, it's not Mailtime, not Lunchtime. How would I call it? Murdertime with Smosh? I don't know. You guys can choose..." She said straight in the camera. I freeze when I hear the word 'Murdertime'. "Come on boys, join me.." We slowly walk to the camera. "Say hi to the viewers.." "Hi" We say, almost at the same time. "Wow, not that happy..Anyways, as you can see I have two knifes here. Well, kids, be careful with knifes, because they can 'hurt' people. Ian, come sit here. I'll show you what can happen if your not careful with knifes." Ian stands up and looks at me. Tears pop op, and I can't control myself. Is she gonna kill my best friend in front of me? She keeps the knife on his cheek. Ian cries. "Nothing can happen if you just hold the knife on your skin, but if you push it..." She slowly pushes the knife into Ian's cheek. I scream. "Shut up, your NEXT!" Ian cries even harder and screams painful. I start to panic. Then I realize it.

We're gonna die today. 

This was such a sad chapter to write! I luv Ian, so I can't imagine someone doing this. It's getting really intens... See you next time! 

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