|/Chapter Four\|

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*Kitten's Point Of View*

I stood outside of Sam's house and looked up at him window, I looked down at my hands and grew my kitten claws out i slowly climbed up the tree i balanced myself on the tree limb that was right infront of his window. I sat on the branch and studied how i was gonna get in. I flickered my tail and purred a little as i walked towards the window, with my claws still out i drew a fine circle the screeching of the glass made me hiss got i hated that noise. Once the circle was done i knocked on it and it fell to the ground with a crash i stuck my hand through the hole and unlocked the window i perched myself in postion and jumped in the window landing on my feet i looked towards the bed and saw Sam was under the covers. I stood on my feet and retracting my claws back

"Sammy?" i said standing over him his head was covered and was just laying there.

I gently shoved him a little he still didn't budge, i gave him a little shove again, he didn't move my anger started to swell i gave him one last and hard push and he fell to the floor with a hard thud and a string of curse words.

"what the f*ck Kitten!!!" he yelled rubbing his head

"you didn't hear me come in, and i tried shaking you, why are so depressed and absent from the world?" i asked sitting on the bed he slowly got off the floor and sat next to me.

"haven't talk to Paton in two weeks" he grumbled rubbing his face in frustration

"shit that sucks it makes my news sad now" i said flicking my tail and he got up and took his pajama pants off and replacing them with jeans.

"whats your news?" he asked turning towards me

"you know K-9?" i asked grinning K-9 was also a cat boy like me but that was his only experiment we were in the same lab for awhile he just go out

"yea what about him?" he questioned also changing his shirt.

"he asked me out" i said clapping my hands a little excited

"like a date?" he questioned sitting at the end of the bed.

"yup" i said

"and what about the professor?" he asked my smile turned into a frown if you didn't know me and the my scientist had an afair awhile back and he ended it saying it was inapproatcaite cause i was his experiment.

"im trying to get over him" i muttered even though it was really hard since i actually loved him

"you still love him?" he asked i raised a eyebrow

"how did you know?" i asked he just pointed to his head i hissed

"stay out of my head" i said getting up from his bed

"don't denie it Kitty" he said before i jumped out the window and landing on all fours on the ground.


I opened the front door to my house the lights were off i raised an eyebrow it's never this dark why are the lights off?

"hello?" i called out softly no answer

I started my walk upstairs once i got halfway upstairs i heard a banging on the walls and moaning, my eyes widen when i looked through the crack in the door, and saw professor plowing some dude i placed a hand over my mouth before i could scream or try and kill whoever it was. I ran to my room and slammed the door but not before hearing them talk.

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