on the bus conversating on our way to school

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Prod-prince ?

Prince-wat u want

Prod-get roc

Prince-u could have texted him (calling roc)

Roc-wat im trying to have a conversation with keri

Prod-I’m so so so sorry to interrupt but u wanna go out on a date with the girls

Roc-that’s wats up

Prod-ask ray and ill ask prince



Prince-sup bro

Prod-wanna go on a date with the girls with me and roc. Roc is asking ray right now

Prince-that’s wats up

Prod-I swear u and roc are twins

Prince- why u say that

Prod-he said the same thing


Roc-ray the taco king

Ray-what Mr.royal

Roc- do u wanna go on a date with me prince prod and the girls

Ray-yea when



Roc- prod?


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