The Judge- Part 16

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"Mais," I wailed as I walked through the front door. I chucked my jacket off into the floor, chucked my converses anywhere, just as long as they were off my feet, and threw my keys and phone at the wall.

"Calm your tits. What's up?" Maisie asked as she walked into the room, picking up the things I had thrown about.

"I almost just kissed Louis, that's what's up!" I cried, the tears still running down my now sopping wet cheeks.

"What? How did he find out it was you?" She asked running over to the sofa to sit next to me. She placed an arm around me and hugged me tightly, like she had done when Louis left all those years back, with no explanation given.

"He didn't. He still thinks and looks at me like I'm Jess Law. He only did it because he wants to get fame, I'm sure of it, that's what hurts the most. I love him, I genuinely still love him, with everything I have, but he most probably doesn't even remember the old me."

"What? You know Louis Tomlinson better than his own mother does! You know he would not go for someone if he didn't like them. He done it because he's fallen for you all over again, without even realising it, which proves you two are meant to be together. Whatever happens, you two still manage to find a way back to each other. Do you want to know one of the first things Louis said to me? How is Jessica? Because out of everything in his life, you were his number one and I bet you, everything I have, you still are." Maisie ranted throwing her arms about for dramatic effect. She pushed some of my hair out of my face, hugging me tightly.

"I just...I don't know," I mumbled pathetically.

"I know," Maisie sighed. What would I do without her? She's kept me grounded all these years. Without her I would've probably have been one of the crazed celebrities falling out of bars. "Do you want me to go make the beast?" she asked with a grin.

This immediately made me smile. When Louis left Maisie came round and just randomly put a load of crap in a large glass for me to eat. We named it the 'Beast' and ate it often whenever we felt down, watching a sad movie, or even when we are just generally hungry. I nodded eagerly and ran out to the kitchen with her. We each pulled out two large wine glasses and the crap we have stored for times like this and laid it all out on the table, ready to make our 'Beasts!'

I put in mine, ice cream, crushed biscuits, millions sweets, chocolate sauce, gummy bears, chocolate chips, popcorn and to finish it all off, whipped cream on top. I looked at my creation and smiled immediately starting to feel better than I did this morning.

We returned to the big, comfy couch, slouched down and put on '10 Things I Hate About You'. It's a pretty old film, and a little crappy at points, but it's one of my favorites when I'm feeling like utter crap. Before the film started we had run upstairs and changed into our comfy clothes. Mine consists of worn out grey joggers and a massive oversized t-shirt of The Fray, a tour T-Shirt from when I went to go and see them years ago, with Louis.

It was just getting to the good part of the film when there was a loud knock on the door. "You go get it," I groaned to Maisie I finished eating the bowl of crap.

"You're closer," She challenged.

I got up, she obviously thought I was going to go and answer the door if the victorious smile on her face was anything to go by but it was soon washed off as I sat on the other end of the couch. "Now you are," I smiled sweetly.

She shook her head laughing at me as she got up and answered the door with a old Hello Kitty blanket wrapped around her.

"Hey Mais, can I speak to Jess?" I heard an unmistakable deep, voice ask.

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