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        I prayed for dear life that Vincent didn't appear in any of my other classes. When I'm around him I feel weak, and I'd promised myself a long time ago that I didn't want to feel that way ever again. Luckily, I was fine until 7th hour. I walked into class late and ironically the only empty desk was right beside Vincent. And to make matters worse, we got assigned partners that would be our partners until the end of the semester. Guess who was paired with Vincent.

        I sighed and I could feel Vincent rubbing my back softly. "There, there. I know it’s hard trying to resist his sexiness. Just give in. I know you want me."

        Okay, now I am seriously ticked off. I looked around the class looking for a suitable male who could do. I noticed Kai was sitting on his desk across the class flirting with his partner. I trotted over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck delicately.

        "Now tell me Vincent." I started. I rested my right hand on Kai's chest and patted it. "Why would I want you when I have sexy little Kai right here?" I leaned in closer to Kai's ear and whispered loud enough for everyone to hear. "Isn't that right Kai?"

        Kai shivered as I trailed my hand from his chest to the back of his head, making sure that my nail was scratching him softly as I made the motion. Without hesitation, I brought Kai's face towards mine and gently placed my lips on top of his. It was soft and simple, yet I made sure to keep my eyes on Vincent's the whole time. I winked at him and pulled away from Kai biting his lip softly.

        The irritation that was evident on Vincent's face became more pronounce as I pulled away from Kai and walked back to my desk. "You see Vincent, you're not the only one who gets what they want." I collected my things and headed out the classroom. I was thankful that the teacher left out the room previously to go and pick up a handout from the copy room.

        I walked to Christie's class and walked in. The teacher stopped talking and looked at me confused. "Um, Principal Dixon needs Christie."

        Christie rose from her seat and I stopped her. "And bring your stuff because you won't be coming back."

        A knowing look etched on Christie's face and she gathered her things and silently followed behind me.

        "You sneaky dog." Christie commented when we were a safe distance away from her teacher's class.

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