Change Of Plans. (A one direction/Louis Tomlinson fan-fic)

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Chapter One


*Delilah’s P.O.V*

“YAYAYAYAYAY! This is going to be the best summer EVER. I’m so excited!” I yelled  as I danced around my room. I had just convinced my parents to let me go spend the summer in London, England with my favorite cousin, Niall. My cousin is the great (don’t tell him that, he’ll get a big head) Niall Horan. I am super close with Niall. Even though he lives nowhere near me, he tries to keep up with my life through Skype, phone calls and texting, when he’s not extremely busy with his band. He’s in a band named One Direction. I’m still not quite sure of all of their names, but I’m expecting to meet them sometime during the summer. They met on the X Factor and were put together. Since then, they have been inseparable. They luckily had the whole summer off. Time for “inspiration for new songs” , he called it. So since we hadn’t seen each other since before he auditioned for the X Factor, he invited me to spend the summer with him. So in two days, I’d fly over to London, England to stay with him. It was hard convincing my over protective parents to let me actually go over there by myself&live with him in his own apartment, or flat as he called it, for 3 months. But they knew him well enough to know that he wouldn’t let anything bad happen to me. 

----------------------------------two days later--------------------------------------

“Passengers, we are now landing in London, England” I heard the lady announce. Ugh, finally. I’ve been sleeping for the past 5 hours on this 8 hour trip and my neck was so stiff. I was so ready to stand up and walk! So I stood and grabbed my bag and stepped off of the plane. I walked through the big gates and looked around everywhere for Niall.  Where could that blond boy be?! I started reaching in my bag for my phone but as soon as I did, I felt two arms grab me around my neck and started almost choking me., “you aren’t going anywhere now, babe.” The deep voice announced. Ohshitohshitohshitohshit. My hand was still in my purse, so I grabbed the first thing I felt: hairspray. I reached my hand over my shoulder and sprayed as much as I possibly could and turned around to face my prey with the can still in my hand. I could see blond strands falling out of the hoodie that the guy was currently wearing.

“WHAT THE FUCK LILAH?!” I immediately recognized that voice. It was Niall!

“oh shit!! I’m so sorry Niall! I had no idea it was you!” I ran towards him and trampled him in a hug. He chuckled and hugged me back. Apology accepted, I hope..

After we finished hugging and whatnot, he grabbed my bags and started walking. “well, we better hurry and get home. The lads are waiting.” He smirked.





 I looked down at what I was wearing. My brothers white gym shorts, purple Under Armor hoodie, and black converse. My hair was in a messy ponytail and I had no makeup on. I reached over and slapped him across the arm playfully.

“what was that for?!” he laughed.

“for not telling me that the guys LIVED with you! “ I yelled.

“ knew you wouldn’t come if I told you! They will be fine. If they give you any trouble, just come tell me. I’ll straighten them out.” Niall stated sincerely.

“okay… its fine I guess… “ I sighed.

I thought it was going to just be me and Niall. I thought this was going to be the best summer ever. Change of plans, this summer is definitely NOT.

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