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Chapter 5

“So you have a plan?” Gloria queries Billie Joe after a long silence dawns on them. He glimpses at Gloria who nervously sits on the edge of his bed. “I think so. Well, kind of.” Surprised, she ushers him to continue with her hand. “Well, we would have to wait until night falls. That’s it.” Lori blinks the word ‘unbelievable’ flashes across her mind. “You got to be kidding me.” He shakes his head, his smirk beginning to fall from its usual position. “We need more help.” Billie Joe scrutinises her face before coming to the conclusion of Jack. “We are not telling Jack.” Lori sighs. “Look, if you want to escape we need more than two pairs of eyes. We need more than to walk around the middle of the night, open a fire door and run. It isn’t that simple. Shall I start you off with the list of things we need to know?” The contemplation of all his ideas drops into an abyss of failure, and he mentally decides that Gloria shall come up with the main escape route. “Tell me.” - are his final words.

“CCTV Cameras, we need to know, who watches them- at what times a different person takes over, an average assumption of how long a glance the person watching them takes between each screen, where they all are along our route. Aides/Guards: where they are during the night, which doors they guard and who guard them. Alarms: which doors are alarmed, which aren’t, if there is a possibility of switching them off? The main gate, if that is our exit? Who and what is on the other side- CCTV cameras outside as well- is there a code or key to unlock the front gate (this also goes for the front door and back door) or is there a guard. Finally, survival- where do we go if it works? How do we make sure people don’t capture us? News- people will come searching, detectives, and Police guards. Can we defend ourselves- fighting and weaponry? Billie, it isn’t easy. Are you sure you want to do this?” Complete shock dawns on Armstrong; the whole idea begins to drain from his brain. Should he just wait till they let him go? Is there even any point? How much planning this will take? What happens if they get caught? But he knows he isn’t going to give up. Determination and will power is one thing Billie Joe doesn’t have a lack of. “Yes. I do, but I think our exit should be the back.” Lori shakes her head. “It’s got electric fences it will kill us.”

“How do you know?”

“Dr Beaker told us at an assembly.”

“How long ago was that?”

“Not too sure, about a month ago.”

“Has anyone tried to escape?”


“Let’s go.”


“Where do you two think you’re going?” Mr Coldpress asks the two patients heading to the back garden, Gloria eyes Billie and he clears his throat. “It’s private.” He states, eyebrows moving up and down. Mr C smiles at the two kids. “Oh, well I will leave you two young lovers alone.” Billie Joe grins. “Thanks mate.” Lori’s jaw drops open. “What was that you dick shit?” He holds her shoulders. “An excuse, for when we go off by ourselves. Trust me, you’ll thank me.”

“Not before I punch you in the balls.” Billie notices Mr C quickly inspect them. “Baby, wait till we’re outside, alright?” He then kisses Gloria on the cheek and gives her a hug. Lori is completely paralysed by this and allows the latter to happen. Billie Joe watches Mr C leave and then walks out of the back door. Gloria chases after him. “What the fuck was that?” He chuckles. “My outstanding acting skills.” She shoves him.

“You made me seem like I was desperate to snog you.”

“Which secretly you are, aren’t you?”

“No! You do realise, when people check on us we have to act like we’re a couple- ‘cos that shit is gonna spread!”

“Yep, and you are going to pretend we are. Alright?”


                They get to the edge of the garden, where the electric fence is, they inspect the surroundings making sure no one sees them. Billie picks up a twig and throws it furiously across the wall, nothing. Gloria collects another twig and too throws it over the wall, nothing. They look at each other.

But suddenly a voice calls their names. Behind them, Jack is jogging up to them. “Is it true?” Billie frowns. “What’s true?” Jack points to them both. “You’re together.” Lori rolls her eyes secretly, but Billie grins triumphantly as he sees the sadness in Jack’s eyes. He slides over to Gloria wraps his arm around her and kisses her head. “Yes it is. I asked her and she said yes.” Jack nods, “Cool, I thought it was just a rumour. Catch you guys later then.” He turns round and quickly jogs back to the Treatment Centre. Gloria turns to Billie. “Why?” He laughs. “He so fancies you, I just had to make him jealous- he pisses me off.” She sighs but is cut off by Armstrong. “Next time you are coming on to me. Okay?” She nods.

                “So, the fence is a lie.” Billie states as he stands on the wall. “But that fence isn’t.” He points to the brown rusty fence just behind the wall. “But we can dig under.” Gloria nods. “But how will we do that?” He jumps down. “It’ll take time with stones and stuff; we just need an indentation so we can slide under. Not any tunnel shit.” She nods. “Alright.” Children begin to enter the back garden, chattering but some wandering off to corners by themselves. Two patients approach the two “lovers” and inspect them suspiciously. Protectively, Gloria takes Billie’s hand. The firmness of his grip surprises Gloria, consequently turning her hand to jelly. Falling into his not so resistible exterior, he sneers at them: “Take a picture it will last longer.” They frown at him before one begins to speak. “Are you two really together?” Lori sighs, ‘Your turn Gloria’ she thinks. “Yeah, we are. If we weren’t together would I do this?” She spins Billie Joe to face her, and pounces on him quickly not allowing him to suggest in anyway it’s a bad idea. Lori tightly wraps her arms around his neck and covers his mouth with hers in a hungry kiss. He responds immediately, surprising Gloria. His mouth is so warm, the caress of his lips softer than she could have ever imagined. He tastes tentatively with his tongue, and Lori opens her mouth and an almost silent, low moan escapes her lips. They pull apart, and see the two boys in stunned silence, unexpectedly they sprint back to a small group of patients and they all turn and stare at Billie Joe and Gloria.

“I knew it! I so knew it.” Billie proudly speaks as they stride back to the lounge. “Oh My God, Billie, shut up; it’s called act-ing.” He shakes his head. “Nope, you didn’t have to do that though. You could have just lightly kissed me on the lips, but noo! You went into a proper snog; I knew you couldn’t resist The Billie Joe Armstrong!” She sighs. “For God’s Sake, I was acti-”

“You moaned as well!”

“I did not!”

“Did too, I heard you!”


“Yes. So… tell me.”


“Am I an ace kisser or what?” Gloria stops in her tracks, and replays the scene in her head; she was so surprised by his warmth and softness. But she couldn’t say that. “No, you were shit.” He laughs. “You are such a bad liar! You enjoyed that so fucking much.” Billie scans the room, and pushes her into the closest which happens to be just where they were standing. “Do you want to do it again?” He questions, seductively. So many things flash through Gloria’s mind, one being: ‘Thank God it’s dark’ as her cheeks turn rubicund. She places her hand on his chest. “Billie, I was acting. Come on, we’ve got work to d-” But before she can finish her sentence, he lightly kisses her lips. “Ha.” Then he leaves.

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