My Dragon

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Corrine’s breathing sped up and she spun around in confusion and terror. There were so many people and she couldn’t see her parents anywhere. Everyone was taller than her which wasn’t hard because Corey was only five. Her silver dress billowed outwards as she spun around in her panic at losing sight of her Mother and Father.

Dragon turned from the buffet table and his vigilant orange eyes found the little girl twirling round in fright. He chuckled and was about to turn away when the most delectable scent he’d ever encountered hit his nose, a light airy scent of bubble gum, sugar and jasmine that had his mouth watering and his eyes darkening to red.

 His eyes landed back on the little girl and suddenly all he could see was her. The background music faded away and everyone else just disappeared. Mate, his soul mate, his anima coeunt. A sick feeling rose up from his stomach and he turned away from the child immediately.

“Dragon are you okay?” Camden asked.

“I found my soul mate,” Dragon managed to choke out.

“Congratulations, who is she?” Camden inquired.

Dragon glanced at the small girl and raised a shaking hand to point at her.

“That kid? She’s what...five?” Luck said in surprise, “I never pegged you for a cradle robber Dragon.”

Dragon glared at Luck and dragged his hand down his tanned, chiselled face wearily.

“I feel ill,” Dragon muttered.

“Dragon calm down, you’re not a cradle robber,” Camden shot Luck a glare, “you always knew she was going to be younger than you.”

Dragon just gestured to the small child, he noted that seeing her so worked up made him ache to comfort her...luckily he noticed he had no romantic feelings for the five year old...just sort of Fatherly feelings.

“Look, you knew she was going to be younger than you, you knew she was going to be born a while after you,” Camden reasoned, “It was obvious that you’d be a hundred or something when she was born. I don’t see what the problem is. To be honest I think our carriage turning over was fate saying you mate was here but she’s not ready for you yet. You being you just carried on here and now you’re freaking out and being stupid. This way is probably better, instead of just surprising her years from now, you can gain her trust at a young age so she’ll be open to you when she’s of age.”

Dragon exhaled slowly, Camden was right...he always knew she’d be born years after him...always knew that he’d have a lot of years on was just surprising seeing the woman he would marry only five years old when he’s frozen at twenty five...he felt like a paedophile.

“I was kidding Dragon; my parents are three hundred years apart. My Father first met her when she was two so you’re fine,” Luck rolled his yellow eyes at his friend in amusement.

“I’m two hundred and twelve so I only have two hundred and seven years on her,” Dragon exhaled loudly and turned to find the little girl had now burst into tears.

His stomach clenched and he put his drink down. Keeping his eyes glued to the little girl he walked over but paused when two little girls appeared in front of her. Dragon looked at his mate curiously and saw her stare worriedly at the girls.

“Your Momma is a witch,” one of the girls said.

Corey nodded her head and wrung her tiny hands together.

“Witches are made by the devil, your Momma is a demon,” the other girl taunted.

“No she’s not,” Corey stamped her foot angrily and fresh tears spouted in her eyes.

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