Chapter 3 The Surpise

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"Not to be rude but, how do you know us?" Zayn spoked I couldn't help but chuckle

"First your faces are plastered on the news and magazines second Uncle Simon talks about you ALL the time your like one of his greatest achievements" I said

"I knew that" Zayn foolishly said I looked around seeing Niall eating a bag of chips I had no idea where he got that from, he eats as much as Uncle Si said

"WAIT!" shouted Louis interrupting my thoughts.

I turned to him, he was standing next to Harry who was checking me out then looked up to see me looking at him he blushed but got over it quickly

" Like what you see Harry?" I asked, Harry just turn away.

"What do you mean WAIT Louis?" I finally spoke to Louis

"You call Uncle Simon, Uncle Simon too? I thought we only call me that." Louis question me all the other guys now agreeing and waiting for me to answer I gave Louis a weird look

" I call him Uncle Simon because..." I said but was interrupted before I could tell them.

Some one walked in through the door which was behind me. Uncle Simon walked in.

"Hello boys and Stella" Simon said as he turn to talk to the boys with one of his arm slung across my shoulder giving me a one arm hug

" I see you boys met my niece." Simon said to the boys now in shock with their mouth opens some chips falling out of Niall's mouth.

"You didn't tell them?" Uncle Si questioned me.

"I was but you came in before I could"

"Oops, but now that we're all here let's talk" Uncle Si said. "Alright to cut to the chase, how would you Stella and the boys like to have a tour together!"

My eyes got wide. The boys seem to be excited.

"YES!!!" We all screamed in conclusion.

"Alright that's settle. I'll text you guys the details when I get them all. Bye boys, bye Stella tell your mom I'll come by later to talk to her about this tour." Uncle Si said.

I nod. He gave us a wave and walk out of the room. When the door swung shut we all got up.


"I guess I'll see you guys later" I didn't wait for them to respond and walked out of the door.

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